Big Brother Spoilers: Meet the Big Brother 24 Cast!

Big Brother 24 is fast approaching. Now, we’re only a few days away from the premiere episode and we couldn’t be more excited–despite the preseason draught. CBS and Paramount have been really tight-lipped about the season so far because we’ve only gotten little hints, clues, and details since the Big Brother 24 premiere date was announced. The major stuff, such as the cast, any big twists, and photos of the new house design has remained a mystery. 

Big Brother 2022 cast (Big Brother 24)

Today the mystery ends. Fans have had to wait months for us to finally know who would be on the cast. The wait ends today because CBS has finally announced the Big Brother 24 cast. With CBS’s commitment to diversity, we once again see a very racially diverse cast, similar to the Big Brother 23 cast. Let’s meet the new Big Brother cast.

Alyssa Snider

Age: 24

Hometown:  Sarasota, Fla. 

Current City:  Sarasota, FLa.

Occupation:  Marketing Rep


Ameerah Jones

Age: 31

Hometown:  Westminster, Md

Current City: Westminster, Md

Occupation: Content Designer

Brittany Hoopes

Age: 32

Hometown:  Atlanta, Ga.

Current City: Austin, Texas

Occupation: Hypnotherapist

Daniel Durston




Current City: 


Fun Facts about myself:

Indy Santos

Age: 31

Hometown:  Sao Paulo, Brazil

Current City: Los Angeles, Calif

Occupation: Corporate flight attendant

Jasmine Davis

Age: 29

Hometown:  Terry, Miss

Current City: Atlanta, Ga.

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Joe Pooch Pucciarelli

Age: 24

Hometown:  Staten Island, N.Y

Current City:  Boca Raton, Fla. 

Occupation: Assistant football coach


Kyle Capener

Age: 29

Hometown:  Bountiful, Utah

Current City: Bountiful, Utah

Occupation: Unemployed

Marvin Achi

Age: 28

Hometown:  Rivers State, Nigeria

Current City: Houston, Texas

Occupation: Chemical processing engineer

Matthew Turner

Age: 23

Hometown:  North Attleborough, Mass.

Current City:  New Bedford, Mass.

Occupation: Thrift store owner

Michael Bruner

Age: 28

Hometown:  Saint Michael, Minn

Current City: Rochester, Minn

Occupation: Attorney

Monte Taylor

Age: 27

Hometown:  Bear, Del.

Current City: Bear, Del.

Occupation: Personal trainer

Nicole Layog

Age: 41

Hometown:  Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Current City: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Occupation: Private chef

Paloma Aguilar

Age: 22

Hometown:  San Marcos, Calif

Current City: San Marcos, Calif

Occupation: Interior designer

Taylor Hale

Age: 27

Hometown:  West Bloomfield, Mich

Current City:  West Bloomfield, Mich

Occupation: Personal stylist

Terrance Higgins

Age: 47

Hometown:  Chicago, IL

Current City: Chicago, IL

Occupation: Bus operator

For more info about the cast, including their bios, you can check out Big Brother Network and for some of the first interviews check out US Weekly and Parade.

We still have so much to learn about Big Brother 24, but we’re excited for the season to start. As always, stay tuned for all things Big Brother. It’s going to be an exciting season.

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