Big Brother 2014 Spoilers: Team America’s $50,000 Mission

Prior to yesterday’s Veto competition, Derrick and company planned to evict Frankie this week from the Big Brother 2014 house. The final hours leading up to the Veto competition, Derrick learned some news that may change his decision about eliminating Frankie this week on Big Brother 16.

Big Brother 16-Derrick and Frankie

WARNING: This post contains Big Brother 16 spoilers on alliances, strategy, competition results and more. Please proceed at your own Big Brother 2014 spoilers risk!

Yesterday afternoon, Team America recieved their latest assignment: make it to the finals and win. Team America was informed that if one of them wins the $500,000 prize, they’ll also get a $50,000 bonus. Currently, Frankie and Derrick believe that they earned $25,000 for their Team America missions, which brings the winners total to $575,000. In reality, they only won $20,000. However, Derrick won an additional $5,000 during the “Sloppy the Snowman” Head of Household competition. If Derrick or Frankie win Big Brother 16, which is likely, they’ll get the biggest prize money in Big Brother history.

Derrick and Frankie believe that America voted for them to get this extra $50,000 bonus, which they believe confirmed that America adores them. As we know, America had no part in the decision to give Frankie or Derrick an extra bonus for winning Big Brother. In fact, many of the Big Brother fans were upset by the producers’ decision to award Frankie or Derrick more money. Not only that, they saw this as a manipulation by them to try to ensure that Frankie and Derrick are the final two players of Big Brother 2014.

Frankie also attempted to use the money to tempt Derrick into keeping him until the final two. He told him that if they both made it to the finals, and he won the $500,000 plus $75,000, he would give $25,000 of it to Derrick, which would take Derrick’s total to $100,000.

On Twitter Big Brother producer Chris Roach confirmed that both members of Team America do not have to make it to the finals for the prize bonus to still be awarded. But the odds are more in Team America’s favor if they get to the finals together.

The Big Brother fans were also upset that with Team America getting so much money, there is likely to be no America’s Favorite Player prize, which means the player who America likes best (likely Donny) will not get $25,000.