Big Brother 24: The Backstage Twist, Explained

The Big Brother 24 premiere introduced us to the new houseguests we’d be watching all summer long. We saw their intro videos, and then they were quickly told to compete in a series of challenges. These challenges involved sticking earrings to their faces, answering questions, and hanging on T-shirts. 

Big Brother 24 Premiere Episode-Backstage Pass

It all led to Daniel Durston becoming the Head of Household. Daniel holds a lot of power this week, but he isn’t the only one who had to make some significant decisions on premiere night. Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli had the lucky ticket that granted him a backstage pass. This backstage pass came with a few perks and some possible drawbacks.

Pooch won safety from this week’s eviction, but he can’t compete in any of this week’s challenges nor does he have a vote on eviction night. Pooch also got the power to pick three players to join him backstage. He tried to play it fair, so he picked the three players who performed worse in the initial HOH challenges.

These players were Alyssa Snider, Brittany Hoopes, and Paloma Aguilar. These three players also were granted the freedom from nominations, but they couldn’t compete in any of the competitions or vote this week. Host Julie Chen also warned them that they may not be safe this week, unlike Pooch.

Big Brother 24-Pooch

Viewers then learned that they could go to to vote to save one of the three players. After this was all revealed, the houseguests and viewers were still confused about what exactly was happening and what the rules with this backstage twist entailed. Yesterday, the houseguests got some clarification, and Alyssa, Brittany, and Paloma cannot be nominated either as an initial nominee or a re-nominee. They also can’t vote someone out this week or compete in the Power of Veto Competition.

However, any of them (except the one who gets America’s vote) can go home. We expect this to mean that on Thursday’s first Big Brother 2022 live eviction, there will be a twist that makes them vulnerable to eviction. We have a week to wait to find out what the twist maybe, but for now, just don’t expect to see Alyssa, Pooch, Paloma, and Brittany in any nomination chairs this week as Daniel makes his nominations. 

What do you think Thursday’s inevitable twist may include? And how will it make one of the backstage pass holders vulnerable? Also, who will you vote to get safety this week?

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