Who Won Power of Veto Tonight on Big Brother 22 All-Stars? (8/19/20)

Memphis Garrett is the new Head of Household (HOH) inside the Big Brother 22 All-Star house during the second week of the competition. He decided, with the assistance of his alliance, to place David Alexander and Nicole Anthony on the block for eviction this week.

Big Brother 22 Nicole Anthony

Tonight, Nicole A. and David will be fighting for their Big Brother lives to stay in the game by winning the Power of Veto (POV) competition. Nicole A. finished her previous Big Brother season in third place. David didn’t even get the chance to be evicted by his peers as he was evicted by a new twist that he lost on night one. Needless to say, both Big Brother All-Star houseguests still have a lot to prove in the game.

Week Two Block Nominations Fall Out

Tyler Crispen is very upset with Memphis’ play in the game. He has assured David that if he has a chance to play in the POV, he will do so for David. Tyler really ripped apart Memphis and his old-school ways in the Diary Room.

Memphis advised the Big Brother house before the nominations ceremony to play in the Safety Suite comp so he would have less competition next week. Nicole A. didn’t like being told what to do and decided not to compete. Memphis was not shy about telling her that was the reason she was sitting on the block this week. That is part of the reason Tyler doesn’t like his game play.

Janelle Pierzina adores Nicole A. and can see her joining forces with herself and Kayser Ridha. They vowed to win the POV and get a backdoor situation in play for Nicole. After speaking with Nicole A., Janelle and Kayser visited with Memphis trying to convince him to go after a bigger target this week with a backdoor situation. He didn’t care which block nominee went home, and he didn’t seem keen on switching up the block.

Week Two Alliance Updates

Memphis has the best of both world’s right now with lines of open communication to both sides of the house. Memphis confides in his ride-or-die, Cody Calafiore, that Janelle and Kayser are on to four of the six members of their alliance after a confidential meeting with them. They named Nicole Franzel, Dani Donato, Cody, and Tyler as the alliance to look out for now. Little do they know that Memphis and Christmas Abbott round out that six person alliance.

Cody is hot to target Janelle and Kayser before they blow up his game. Memphis adds that Janelle and Kayser think that Nicole F. is the head of the snake in that alliance and would like her targeted this week with a backdoor move. Cody visits with other members of his alliance about what Kayser and Janelle have shared with Memphis. That may come back to bite Cody hard being that Memphis made it a point to tell Cody not to share that info with anyone.

Memphis casually shared with Nicole F. that Janelle and Kayser wanted to backdoor Nicole F. The alliance is confused as to why Memphis is not upset about this situation and doesn’t want to target one fo them this week. Tyler is determined to try and win the POV and backdoor Janelle or Kayser.

Week Two Safety Suite Punishment

Christmas won the Safety Suite comp this week and chose her plus one as Ian Terry. He must now suffer punishment for the week. Big Brother has decided that his punishment will be wearing an outrageous sparkly outer space themed costume while auditioning for the part of Dirk Spacejammer all week in the upcoming movie, Big Brother All-Star Wars. Ian must practice his lines upon command, morning, noon and night.

Big Brother 22 Ian Terry

Week Two Power of Veto Competition

Players were picked for the POV competition. In addition to Memphis, David and Nicole A, Ian, Tyler, and Nicole F. were picked to play in the week two POV competition. There is a lot on line for Nicole A. and David this week. A POV win would be great for their game.

This POV is called All-Starry Night and the players must stand and balance a ball on a disc without the ball falling off the disc. The player to last the longest balancing their ball wins the POV this week. This is a focus-based competition.

Big Brother 22 Nicole Franzel

Nicole A. was the first to drop her ball with Nicole F. right behind her. Next to go is Ian followed by David. Memphis and Tyler are the only two left in the competition. In the end, Tyler dropped his ball meaning that Memphis won the POV.

Dani visited alone with Memphis and tried to convince him to go after Janelle in retaliation for her coming after part of his alliance. Memphis doesn’t seemed too concerned or receptive to the idea, probably because he is playing both sides of the house and that would hurt his game.

Memphis decided not to use the POV this week, so either Nicole A. or David will be going home tomorrow.

Join us again tomorrow night, Thursday August 20 at 8 PM EST/ 9 PM CST for the second eviction in the Big Brother house.

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