Big Brother 22 Power Rankings-Week 2-Which All-Star Holds The Most Power?

It’s only been two weeks in the Big Brother: All-Stars house and it feels like we’re approaching week 50. Last week, I discussed who I felt was playing the best game.  This week I’ll continue that momentum with the latest Big Brother 22 Power ranking.

Big Brother 22 Enzo andTyler

The game is constantly moving and shifting, so with that shift, comes changing power positions. Let’s see how things stand going into week 3. Are your favorite on top this week?

15. Nicole Anthony

Big Brother Nicole Anthony

Nicole Anthony has had a pretty disastrous week. Sadly, I think a lot of Big Brother 21 still haunts her. She is overthinking everything, and her doubts about Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha are messing with her game.  If Nicole A is able to see or accept that they are fighting hard for her, and had nothing to do with her being a nominee this week, she could effectively campaign and perhaps get the votes to stay. There’s still an outside shot she can do it, but there’s also an outside shot she’ll call a house meeting and ruin her chances of staying. I just hope Nicole A takes it all in stride. It’s clear she’s had a rough week.

14. Janelle Pierzina

It’s been incredibly frustrating watching everyone hate on Janelle this season. It’s made me turn the feeds off several times. I don’t know what aura Janelle emits that makes people hate her, but it’s emitting hard. Even the people that Janelle wants to work with don’t trust her. There are maybe a couple of people, besides Kaysar, who might not target her, but Janelle really needs a Head of Household win to protect herself. It’s the only way for her to blow up the current power structure of the house. She’s seeing things pretty clearly but nobody is listening, and that’s one of the hardest things to see happen. Many of us all want the best for Janelle, and so much of me wants to watch her take out Nicole Franzel or Cody Calafiore, or both.

13. David Alexander

Let’s get this straight right now: if David Alexander stays it is not because he’s good at this game. He was pretty securely staying from the moment the nominations were made. He almost pissed that all away. He told Da’Vonne Rogers that he was in a guys alliance, he’s made game threats towards people, and he’s been lazy with campaigning. David thinks there is no reason to keep campaigning, so we’re just watching Nicole A try to crawl out of the hole she created. It’s not a done deal this week. The votes could be there for David to go if Memphis Garrett breaks the tie that way, or if someone flips their vote, but for now, David is safe. But, he will be someone to likely go up as a pawn often because no one sees him as a game threat.

12. Kaysar Ridha

Hear me out. I think Kaysar is going to make the jury this time. I don’t want to get ahead of myself or jinx it, but I think this particular house sees Janelle as the bigger target. Obviously, the two of them will go up together in the coming weeks, unless there is a major shift, but I think unless Janelle wins the Power of Veto, that Kaysar would stay. Also, he’s a bit hungrier than she is to make his mark and blow up the house power structure. Badly, I want to see him do what he did on Big Brother 6 during week three: completely blow up the big alliance and create his own little squad, all while taking out the power players from the other side. I think he sees Cody as that player this season. He can do it and I am so ready to see it happen. Of course the Safety Suite can throw a wrench into things but I’ve never had more faith in Kaysar’s drive and ability to make something happen. He’s as bored with this season as we are.

11. Ian Terry

Ian Terry was given safety this week by Christmas Abbott, and he’s sort of lucky he was. There was a chance that Memphis would have backdoored him given that he held both Head of Household and the Power of Veto. He does have Nicole Franzel fighting for him, but she’s much more loyal to a number of other people. The good thing is that he recognizes it. He spoke to Kaysar at length about wanting to see this game blown up, but he knows there are drawbacks from him showing his cards too much too soon. At least the fact that he can see the big picture is good for him, but he’s going to need to do help do something about it, because he’s still a name near the top of a lot of people’s lists, especially if they see a benefit in keeping Kaysar and Janelle in the house as a target.

10. Kevin Campbell

Kevin Campbell Big Brother 22

I won’t lie, I find Kevin Campbell hard to watch right now. He’s so incredibly off-base with his view of the house.  He’s mostly responsible for veering Nicole A and Da’Vonne off course. He’s mad that Janelle was fighting to keep Keesha, Smith so much so that he cannot see the forest through the trees. Nicole A is one of the only people in the house who cares about Kevin. He’s expendable to almost every other person. I think he’s putting far too much stock in the unanimous vote last week, which was more about Janelle and less about him. He needs to get a clue, or he’ll just keep playing for an early jury spot.

9. Da’Vonne Rogers

Da’Vonne has not had a good week either. Da’Vonne is also not seeing this house clearly. And she’s someone who is usually so perceptive, but nope not in Big Brother 22. Worse than that, she’s falling into old habits by expressing that she is worried that Bayleigh Dayton-Williams is growing closer to Janelle, and therefore moving away from her. We’ve seen similar things with her in Big Brother 18, where she is insecure about her allies when they get closer to others. But it is far too early for her to worry about that. Not to mention the fact that she has made her and Bayleigh a possible target by playing too hard and being a known pair. I hate say this, but if Kaysar and Janelle are broken up, I’m willing to bet that Bayleigh and Da’Vonne will be next. It’s very clear that Da’Vonne is seen as the Janelle of that duo, that she’d be the first to go barring a Power of Veto victory.

8. Memphis Garrett

Memphis had kind of an interesting week. It started off where he was not telling his allies much and frustrating them, especially the ladies he’s aligned with. As the week went on, attention shifted to Janelle (as it does) and his power trip was kind of forgotten. I still think his alliance took a hit and some of them, particularly Daniele Donato-Briones and Tyler Crispen, are a little skeptical of his intentions and allegiances. But he made a kind of easy move this week and it won’t hurt his game tremendously to lose either Nicole Anthony or David. He should hope David goes, because I think he’s clearly his target if David is able to get Head of Household, but his alliance likely wants to keep David and use him, so Memphis’ spot in the house isn’t super secure. Luckily, both sides have interest in him sticking around but he also could talk himself into or out of trouble depending on the circumstances.

7. Nicole Franzel

This is where it gets a little muddled for me. I think numbers seven to three are kind of interchangeable because things shift so frequently. Nicole F is clearly Janelle’s preferred target, but I think she and Kaysar have come around to wanting to target Cody. However, if they face the block together, I think she would be more at risk. She’s less insulated than she thinks because I don’t think anyone but Dani and Cody really care if she sticks around. In fact, Enzo Palumbo even said that he’d throw her under the bus if Janelle or Kaysar got HOH next week. She could avoid being on the block if this is the case, but mostly because Ian has interest in keeping her around and Kaysar knows he needs Ian’s support. So, she would have him to thank for that. But her relationship with Janelle is so bad right now and it’s pretty clear neither of them have any interest in fixing that.

6. Cody Calafiore

As I mentioned before, he’s the target if Janelle or Kaysar win Head of Household. The right combination of nominees, the Safety Suite, and the Power of Veto, obviously play a role. I think Memphis would likely go to bat for him too. But, it remains fact that Kaysar sees Cody as the Eric Littman/Cappy of the other side of the house. He’s talked about putting him up with Enzo or Tyler, or even backdooring him. If Kaysar can pull that off, bravo. I think it’ll be not so easy to get rid of Cody, but Kaysar is spot on that if he goes this whole game is blown wide open because Cody is the connective tissue for so many of these people on the majority side of the house right now.

5. Bayleigh Dayton-Williams

Bayleigh Dayton

Bayleigh is doing alright. She was doing better last week but Da’Vonne is dragging her down a bit. Da’Vonne is getting messy, and they are seen as a duo, whether they should be or not. If Da’Vonne becomes a target, Bayleigh is likely to sit beside her on the block. Just like Kaysar and Janelle. I think in most scenarios Bayleigh will be seen as the lesser threat and will stick around, especially since her social game has been really strong. She needs to kind of keep herself out of the limelight. And she’s spot on knowing the fact that it’s not good for her if Janelle or Kaysar goes home. She, like Ian and Da’Vonne, would be much better off if Janelle or Kaysar took a shot at the other side and got rid of Cody, Tyler, Nicole F or Dani. It would probably not be wise for her to get HOH herself, but I’d be here for it as opposed to someone who is just going to go status quo.

4. Daniele Donato-Briones

Dani has kind of been messy too. Fortunately for Dani, the other side does not even have her on their radar, despite the fact that she’s been non-stop drilling into people’s heads that Janelle is evil. I don’t really get it. Janelle is never going to go for Dani, she’s said that, and she’s not even the fifth or sixth person that she or Kaysar would go after. It benefits Dani for Janelle and Kaysar to thin out some of the guys on her side. I’m not sure why she’s so content rolling with Cody, Tyler, Enzo, David, and Nicole F, where she probably is out sixth. She needs to see this game a lot more clearly and not just be used by these guys, because she will be if she doesn’t get her head out of the sand soon, especially since her own allies have doubts about her regularly. I’m sure she wouldn’t respond well to finding that out.

3. Tyler Crispen

Tyler is sort of been lowkey. I know he wants David to stick around since they have a deal, but he’s not been pushing hard or anything. I think his relationships are decent. They could be stronger. I do think he could potentially be at risk against Cody or Enzo on the block, possibly even Nicole F. His relationship with Bayleigh might be kind of key in any of those scenarios. He’s playing well but it definitely seems like he’s more at risk than he ever was in Big Brother 20.

2. Christmas Abbott

Christmas has had a bit of a roller-coaster week. She went from winning the Safety Suite to saving someone who was a possible target, and she has somehow maintained a position where everyone trusts her. Both “sides” of the house think she’s with them, despite her pretty clearly being with Memphis’ alliance. Yet, Da’Vonne and Janelle continue to trust her as someone on their possible side. Despite making a bold move by saving Ian with the Safety Suite, she’s really not a target for anyone, and many of them are trusting them more than they did before. Like it or not, she’s worked her way into a good position and has shown herself to be someone who will fight for her allies. The question remains whether she can maintain the floater status or if her side cements sooner.

1. Enzo Palumbo

Big Brother 22 Enzo Palumbo

Without question, Enzo is the safest person in the house. Everyone at the very least likes him, and many of them trust him. In many ways, it doesn’t even seem like he’s playing the game, so he can maintain this non-threatening demeanor despite winning the first Power of Veto Competition. I can’t see him going anywhere before jury, and it is probably even a while after that. Can he win the game though? I think so, but it may depend on who he’s up against since his game is mostly social and not all that strategic.

And that’s a wrap for this week. Let’s cross our fingers for a good upcoming Head of Household win and someone who can shake this house up. Things are getting tense but I think we all can agree we’re ready for the game to really get started. See you same time same place, next week!

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