Big Brother 22 Spoilers: Kaysar and Da’Vonne Debate If David Will Be A Loyal Ally

This Big Brother 22 week seemed like it might be a boring one when current Head of Household Memphis Garrett decided to nominate David Alexander and Nicole Anthony for eviction. Both players aren’t strongly in an alliance. David is loyal to Tyler Crispen and Cody Calafiore, but those players are more loyal to their new six-person alliance. Nicole A has a strong bond with Kevin Campbell, and she had an unofficial loyalty to Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha, but Kevin has been making Nicole A question if she can trust them.

Big Brother 22-Kaysar and Da'Vonne's Conversation 8-16

Da’Vonne Rogers and Bayleigh Dayton are a pair and been trying to form a solid group. They were kind of circling an alliance with Cody and Tyler, but have realized that those two can’t be trusted. They spoke yesterday about joining an alliance with Kaysar, Janelle, and Christmas Abbott. They want to solidify this alliance after today’s Power of Veto meeting. The first thing on the new alliance’s agenda: who should they keep this week: David or Nicole?

This is where things become complicated for the new (hopefully) powerful alliance. Janelle and Kaysar still believe that Nicole A is a loyal person to have on their side. Meanwhile, Da’Vonne believes all David has is her and Bayleigh. Around 1:05 am BBT (CAM 3/4), Kaysar and Da’vonne sat down in the lounge to discuss David.

Da’Vonne immediately said that she couldn’t vote out David. She said as a black woman, she couldn’t vote out this black man. That was deeper than the game. Kaysar understood and mentioned how that’s partly why he returned for Big BrotherHe wanted people to see things like this in this highly charged, political climax, which was mentioned in yesterday’s Big Brother episode. However, Kaysar asked Da’Vonne when does the personal things stop, and the game start?

She said down the line, when the jury starts, she would be more than willing to send David to the jury house. Kaysar also discussed how not being able to separate personal and the game is how people lose Big Brother, which Da’Vonne agreed with, but she said that Kaysar wasn’t understanding that she has no personal attachment to anyone in this game. She only knows David in this game. She said her intuition told her that David would be a better ally to them.

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Kaysar then discussed his theory about David being in an alliance with Tyler and Cody, and explained his reasoning behind believing David was working with them. Da’Vonne then counterargued why she didn’t think David had anyone in his corner, besides her and Bayleigh.

The discussion also went to Nicole A. Da’Vonne thought she would be a good ally for this week, but not a good number to keep in the long term. Kaysar said that he was also thinking longterm and just doesn’t see David as a true ally to them, especially not in the same way that Nicole A would be for them. Kaysar also made it known that he didn’t want Kevin in their group as well because he can’t be trusted, but Da’Vonne pointed out that Nicole A being so close to Kevin, might make that hard.

In the end, they left it with Da’Vonne agreeing to approach David to find out if he’s truly with Cody and Tyler. The conversation ended at about 1:28 BBT.

It’s funny that they’re so worried about David and Nicole A, but have no worry about Christmas, who already outed their alliance planning to Tyler, and she would never be loyal to them because she’s solid with her six-person thing. We’ll see how this possible new alliance pans out.

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