Which Jury Member Returned on Big Brother Last Night? 8/25/2016

Which Jury member came back to Big Brother 18 tonight and will get a second (or maybe even third!) chance to win the game? What an action packed night we’ve had on the TV show and the Big Brother Live Feeds this evening! We can’t wait to hear from you if you’re happy about how everything has played out this week!

Big Brother 18 Jury members battle it out.

We started off the night with the CBS Big Brother TV show and the live eviction results of the latest houseguest to get kicked out of the house. After that, it was time for a classic and grueling dual Head of Household/Jury Return endurance competition pitting all the evicted Jury members against each other, and the remaining houseguests.

Unfortunately for some of the hopeful returning Jury members, this kind of endurance competition is really physically harsh. We’ve already seen throughout the season so far (and previous seasons in the case of Da’Vonne, James, and Nicole) that some players are much better at these sorts of things than others. In our opinion, the challenge seemed a bit more likely to go to a guy because of their physical strength.

However, the endurance challenge winners are not always the big, strong guys. We’ve seen ladies in the past hang on hardcore in these types of competitions as well. Just remember Natalie Negrotti almost winning the previous one this season! Da’Vonne Rogers, Zakiyah Everette, and Bridgette Dunning have all actually shown they are pretty hearty when it comes to physical comps this season (and in Da’Vonne’s previous season).

Unfortunately for those who do not have the Big Brother Live Feeds, the HoH/Jury Return wasn’t finished by the end of the CBS TV show. But that’s okay, because we have the SPOILERS for you on who won the Jury Return face-off and is now back in the game!

After Da’Vonne and Zakiyah seemingly jumped from the wall together on purpose barely a half hour into the competition, it was down to Paulie, Victor, and Bridgette to battle it out to be the returning Jury member. Zakiyah said them falling off together was not planned, but wow did it LOOK planned.


At around 40 minutes in, Bridgette slipped off the wall and looks seriously disappointed in herself. Paulie also almost fell off, but managed to hang on, with only Victor left to beat now to get back in the house.


At 7:40 PM BBT the final showdown between Jury members ends when… Paulie falls off the wall! That means Victor Arroyo will come back into the house again for a record second time! However, he does not manage to hang on much longer, and takes a dive. Which means he won’t win Head of Household and could be in danger of being evicted yet again on Thursday night.


If you want to know who DID win the Head of Household competition, head on over to our full SPOILERS recap of the challenge from the Live Feeds!

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