Celebrity Big Brother 2 Cast First Impressions Part 2 (VIDEOS)

There are only a few more sleeps before the Celebrity Big Brother 2 premiere. As the houseguests get comfortable plotting and planning, we get comfortable with them. Yesterday, we were treated to a Celebrity Big Brother 2 Live Feeds sneak peek. In it, we didn’t learn too much about the dynamics of the house, but we did learn some fun tidbits, like Tom Green likes to cook tuna and Kato Kaelin is a billiard expert.

How will any of this help them in the game? Who knows. But it helped us form our first impressions even more. Yesterday, we gave you our first impressions of the first Celebrity Big Brother 2 houseguests. Here is our impressions of the rest of them.

Natalie Eva Marie

I don’t know Eva Marie at all outside of Celebrity Big Brother, but she seems fiery, fun, and smart. I think she could certainly connect well with some of the other women in the house, and perhaps some of the athletic men as well. Eva Marie plans to play more under the radar. This is probably a good idea for her, and I think she’ll likely be a good competitor given her wrestling background. I’d be surprised to see Eva Marie go out of the game early. She’s tailor-made to go deep.

Ricky Williams

I don’t see Ricky creating any conflict. He’s most likely to be the house dad or uncle, sort of helping people through the experience since he’s so zen. I like the idea that Ricky will use astrology to connect with people. He seem intelligent and has a decent grasp on the social aspect of the game. As out there as people might think Ricky is, I think people are going to like him a lot, perhaps quite like a Metta World Peace from the first season of Celebrity Big Brother.

Ryan Locthe

Ryan is going to be really fun to watch because he’s such a doofus. I definitely anticipate some funny Diary Rooms with him just kind of blankly staring off into space. I think Ryan will stick around because other people are going to use him to their advantage. Maybe Kandi Burruss , who was told by Brandi Glanville to pair up with someone athletic. I mean, his big strategic move is to align with the person who is the best cook so he can eat well. Ryan will likely make it far, but he’s not winning this game, put that in sharpie.

Tamar Braxton

Who knew Tamar Braxton was such a Big Brother fan? Not me. I am glad to hear she has a vast knowledge of the show, but I am not sure how it will be executed. Tamar seems to be a bit of a diva, and I’m not sure she’ll keep her cool. I came in thinking she’d be a flight risk but maybe her being a fan will keep her grounded and not as a quitter, but I just don’t see her lasting very long.

Tom Green

I suspect that Tom is going to be much more subdued than people would think, and that he might actually be one of the voices of reason in the house. Tom is obviously a little off the wall, if you’ve ever seen The Tom Green Show, but I don’t think he’ll really do much to rub anyone the wrong way, especially with some of the other bigger personalities in there. I know, it’s Tom Green, but he’s older, wiser, and a little less crazy. He mentioned having spoken to Mark McGrath and I actually think they’ll be pretty similar.

Celebrity Big Brother Two

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