Big Brother 22 Spoilers: David Admits He’s In An All-Guy’s Alliance

Looks like this Big Brother 22 week is anything but boring. It’s frustrating, but definitely not boring. David Alexander and Nicole Anthony are currently on the block. Head of Household Memphis Garrett wanted as little blood as possible on his hands this week, so he took a shot at two people he felt were inconsequential to his game.

Bayleigh Dayton on Big Brother 22

These two former Big Brother 21 housemates have now become a very vital part in the Big Brother: All-Stars game. Who leaves this week, could define which side of the house gains power. Originally, it seemed like a safe bet to say that David would stay this week, and Nicole A would head out the door, but things are never that simple in Big Brother. 

With Memphis deciding not to use the Veto,  Nicole and David went to campaigning to stay in the game. Nicole A did a much better job at it than David, as she offered some valid reasons for her to be kept in the game over David. Right now, it seems like Da’Vonne Rogers and Bayleigh Dayton‘s votes will be the ones that determine who goes this week. They were both set on keeping David, until he made a possible game ending error yesterday.

On Sunday, Kaysar Ridha and Da’Vonne had a debate about whether to become an alliance, and who to keep. Kaysar explained that he thought David was in an all-guy’s alliance with Tyler Crispen and Cody Calafiore. Da’Vonne didn’t quite believe Kaysar’s claims, and thought that David only had them on his side. Kaysar and Da’Vonne ended their conversation by agreeing that Da’Vonne would just openly ask David about him possibly being in an all guy’s alliance.

Around 8:37 (Cam 1/2), Da’Vonne asked David about this guy’s alliance. She said that Kaysar suspected he was in one, and she just wanted confirmation. She said she didn’t care either way, but wanted to know. First David tried to accuse Kaysar of planting seeds, but then admitted that it was true. He refused to say who was in the alliance, but said he did it to protect them (Bayleigh and Da’Vonne). David then asked that Da’Vonne stop campaigning for him, because it will make it seem like they’re together and will eventually be targeted together. He then told Bayleigh the same thing, and asked her to help stop Da’Vonne from being his advocate.

Click the images to get a closer look at Da’Vonne, Bayleigh, and David’s conversation about the all-guy’s alliance.

David and Da’Vonne’s conversation was short, only going on until 8:43. They then went on to have separate conversations about it. David went to share with Tyler what happened, and Da’Vonne discussed things with Bayleigh. She told Bayleigh that what Kaysar suspected was true. Both Da’Vonne and her were annoyed by David being in this whole other alliance with the guys, and they doubted that he was in it to protect them. The two women then started to question if Memphis was part of this alliance, and it was all an act between David and him this week.

Da’Vonne also said she was done trying to help save David. Bayleigh and her also weren’t sure if they should vote David out this week or Nicole A. There is still a lot of week ahead, so we’re sure who leaves will shift back and forth, but David really hurt his game by admitting this to Da’Vonne.

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