It’s been the most exciting Big Brother week since Big Brother 21 started. We had an Outsider in power, Jessica Milagros, and her Head of Household reign seems to be going as planned, unlike when Cliff Hogg III, was in power. Jess set out to turn the game around for Cliff Angel’s (Cliff, Jess, Nicole Anthony, and Kathryn Dunn) and the only other outsider left in the game, Nick Maccarone. Jessica started her mission by nominating Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie. She then made sure to keep things going as planned by winning the Power of Veto, now she just has a few more steps to complete to get her target Jack out of the Big Brother 21 house.

Big Brother Power of Veto Box

Jess wants to keep the nominations the same. She should do this during today’s Power of Veto Ceremony, though she was tempted to nominate Nick, after he made it obvious he was playing the middle. Jess knows that it is risky keeping Jackson on the block when she wants Jack out, but she’s confident in Cliff’s Angels and Holly Allen to give her the four votes they need to give Jess the tie breaking power. Jess would rather not break a tie vote, but she has already stated that she plans to vote Jack out if a it happens.

Jess wants Nick’s vote to ensure it’s a 5-3 outcome, and she wants to test where he is in the game. Nick’s vote is another reason she wants to keep the nominations the same. Jess wants to force Nick to show his cards to both sides of the house, and if Jackson came off, it would be obvious that Jack’s the target, and Nick could use that as the excuse for voting him out.

So did Jessica keep her word and keep nominations the same?



Jess did not use the Veto. On Thursday, either Jack or Jackson will become the first member of the Big Brother 21 jury.

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