Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 48: The Six Shooters Reunite to Hash It Out, But It Doesn’t Go Well

After starting off with a bang, this Big Brother 21 week has started to calm down. We had mainly the usual Sunday lounging and outside time, with a sprinkle of game talk. This weekend had an extra dose of feed outage as Tommy Bracco, Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews continued their punishments from the Veto Competition. We already heard about Jack’s Alan the Alien punishment (where he’s randomly woken up to preform task for a BB “alien”), and we’ve seen Tommy’s task as he’s been running around in a rocket ship suit. Now, we got to hear about Jackson’s punishment.

He’s been slimed for the next 24-hours and has to go outside and wear a lab coat. When not dealing with their Big Brother punishments, Jack continued to campaign to Cliff Hogg III, who he believed was the key to his safety this week. The main argument of his campaign was that he would promise Cliff three weeks of safety. Cliff, rightfully, told others that this campaigning didn’t make sense because Jack wasn’t going to be Head of Household for three straight weeks.

The Six Shooters had a mini reunion as Tommy and Analyse Talavera were trying to keep Holly Allen on their side. Trying to talk it out with her led to an unexpected reunion of the Six Shooters. It was basically a short meeting where they tried to hash things out, even though they knew the group could no longer work together.

Not much was resolved as Christie Murphy and Jackson have too much bad blood to deal with each other at the moment. Jack did give Jackson an apology, and he said they would be fine once the game is over. The non-Six Shooters didn’t like that they were having their exclusive secret meetings again. Kathryn Dunn decided she wasn’t going to sit back and be quiet anymore. She called a few of them out on it, and later ranted to Holly about it. The Six Shooters meeting seemed to do more damage than good, as it made the outside annoyed and didn’t resolve the issues within the Six.

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