Big Brother 21 Week Six Alliances Update: Cliff’s Angels Take Over the Game…For Now

Just as Cliff Hogg III predicted a couple of weeks back, this weekthe Six Shooters turned on each other in the Big Brother 21 game. During the last Big Brother 2019 Live Eviction, we witnessed Cliff’s prediction come to fruition when the Six Shooters crashed because doubt became too hard to ignore. With the Six Shooters dismantled and one of the “outsiders” (Jessica Milagros) taking over power with a Head of Household win, the alpha males are in big trouble inside the Big Brother house now.

Big Brother 21

Jessica made a power move by nominating Jack Matthews and Jackson Michie for eviction. Cliff may have made the same preliminary shot at the big boys, but he eventually backed off after the Power of Veto competition didn’t go his way. Jessica doesn’t have that problem since she is in complete control this week with the HOH and POV wins under her belt.

Once the outsiders were able take control inside the Big Brother 21 house, Cliff’s Angels celebrated their victory together. This alliance is fairly new, and the members are Cliff, Jessica, Kathryn Dunn, and Nicole Anthony. Although Kat has been playing both sides of the Big Brother 2019 house, she has declared her allegiance (via the diary room) to Cliff’s Angels.

The now defunct Six Shooters seem to have imploded after the accusations that Kat, Michie, and Holly Allen were a trio who all knew one another prior coming into the game. The bromance between Jack and Michie is all but dead as far as trust is concerned. Left standing is the alliance between Jack, Tommy Bracco, and Christie Murphy, who call themselves LOL (AKA Lots of Love). Analyse Talavera has worked her way into the group thanks to her relationship with Jack. Michie and Holly are still tight, and though Kat claims to not be with them, she’s still very much loyal to Holly and Jackson by default/for now.

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Nick Maccarone, who’s POV win last week sparked the Six Shooters demise, seems to be playing both sides of the house. He has been bouncing back and forth between Cliff’s Angels and LOL plus one. Nick needs to watch himself because Jessica is well aware of his time spent with the other side of the house.

Christie seems to be public enemy number one this week inside the Big Brother 21 house. Nick is worried that her big mouth will hurt his game, but more importantly, Jack has the same concerns. Jack and Christie have a final two agreement, but that seems to be on the verge of destruction right now. Christie may be safe this week, but her day on the block may come sooner than she wants.

Fans have been waiting all season, it seems, for the Six Shooters, or a version thereof, to lose control inside the Big Brother house. Dreams do come true, LOL (pun intended). Cliff’s Angels are firmly in control this week, but we all know how quickly that can change in Big Brother. Stay tuned for more alliance updates next week.

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