Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 46: The Outsiders Stay on Top

We had another eventful day as the Big Brother 21 houseguests waited to find out who would win the Power of Veto competition. Prior to playing it, Christie Murphy and Analyse Talavera discussed Cliff Hogg III being sketchy but Christie wanted Jackson Michie out first, so she wouldn’t use her power to take out Cliff this week.

Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Recap Day 46-4

However, when Analyse started to worry that she or Tommy Bracco could go up if Jack Matthews came off, Christie suggested that maybe she would talk to Jessica Milagros about using her power. She could tell Jess she would help her out this week by getting the blood off her hands. Christie could make the decision and put up Nicole Anthony this week.

Luckily for Nicole, Christie, Jack, and Tommy didn’t win the Veto. Following the Veto, the houseguests discussed the various prizes and punishments. Tommy and Analyse took a punishment to let Kathryn Dunn take the Hawaii trip. They thought this would make amends to her for trying to flip the vote against her on Thursday. Kat made sure to tell her real allies that this didn’t make up for the vote flip. She still wanted to make the move against them and Jack this week.

Jack’s punishment was that he had to deal with 24-hour yelling and Nick Maccarone won $5,000. Tommy’s punishment was another costume and having to run around the house yelling that he was traveling at the speed of light. Nick also became sick from playing that Bowlarina competition and all the spinning. Nicole and Cliff discuss making sure Kat stays loyal to them this week, and that Nick and Kat would be the key votes for this week. Kat made sure to tell Jackson and Holly Allen that she was solid with them this week.

Kat would pretend to not be with them, but she planned to vote out Jack. Meanwhile, Nick was trying to make sure he could play both sides. He told Cliff and Nicole that they should work to get Jess to remove Jackson from the block so Holly wouldn’t vote him out. He was telling Jackson that he would vote against Jack, and he was telling Jack that he would vote against Jackson. Once Jess was filled in on what Nick said about Holly possibly voting out Jackson, it became apparent to everyone that Nick was trying to play both sides.

Jess said that she wanted to see which side Nick voted with this week because that would say a lot. She also mentioned that he was closer with their side than he has ever been with Jess’s side. If the votes came out four to four, they would know Nick was the fourth one against Jackson. Jess said if there was a tie vote, she would vote out Jack. Jess and Nicole discussed telling Nick that they needed his vote this week because they weren’t sure where Holly would vote. If the vote came out 4-4, Nicole mentioned that she might even publicly thank him for voting with them, so Nick couldn’t play both sides and would become a target for the other side.

Christie tried to guilt trip Kat into voting out Jackson by saying it would look sketchy if Kat voted to keep Jackson after everything she said in her eviction speech. It would also make Christie think that Kat and Holly really did know each other. Kat didn’t like that Christie was trying to emotionally manipulate her into voting her way. After Christie’s talk with Kat, she told Tommy and the others how Kat said she wanted to be open to hearing both sides. They were annoyed that Kat was not a solid vote for Jack.

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They would continue to work on her vote this week. Jackson decided to listen in on Jack, Tommy, and Analyse discussing their plans for the week, like pretending to be nice to Cliff. Jackson made sure to let Cliff know this and to share some of the information he got with Jess.

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