Big Brother Canada 2 Recap: Week 6 Double Eviction!

The Big Brother Canada spoilers for the first Houseguest who is going to go home in the double eviction tonight have been out for a while. She was pretty much doomed from the moment she was put up on the block and there is nothing she can do to change it.

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The awesome thing is, however, that tonight’s Big Brother Canada results show doesn’t come with just one elimination, it’s a double eviction night. So although the first Big Brother eviction tonight may be a bit boring, the rest of the evening is going to be a barrel of monkeys kind of fun!

We do love double eviction nights on any Big Brother show. The shock of knowing you could suddenly go home with no preparation. The mad scramble to work a strategy to keep yourself out of danger. The crazed rush cycle of eviction, HoH, Veto, and eviction again. Ahhhh, we love the smell of drama in the air!

Tonight we could well see the Forsakens alliance of Kenny, Rachelle, and Sabrina take control of the house and put the target on Jon or Arlie. Or the Sloppy Seconds alliance might just manage to hold on to power and go after Kenny again. Whatever happens, it is going to be fast and furious inside the Big Brother Canada house tonight.

We’ll be here recapping all the Big Brother Canada 2 results tonight for you right here below live starting at 9PM!

Eviction One Vote: 

  • Kenny votes to evict Allison
  • Adel votes to evict Sarah
  • Jon votes to evict Sarah
  • Rachelle votes to evict Allison
  • Sabrina votes to evict Allison
  • Arlie votes to evict Sarah
  • Neda votes to evict Sarah

By a vote of 4-3, Sarah has been evicted from Big Brother Canada.

Host Arisa Cox announces there will be a double eviction tonight and the Houseguests are looking a bit crazed.

Head of Household Competition:


  • Round 1: Sabrina vs Rachelle – Sabrina eliminated
  • Round 2: Jon vs Neda – Jon eliminated
  • Round 3: Rachelle vs Kenny – Rachelle eliminated
  • Round 4: Arlie vs Adel – Adel eliminated
  • Round 5: Kenny vs Neda – Kenny eliminated
  • Round 6: Arlie vs Allison – Allison eliminated
  • Round 7: Arlie vs Neda – Arlie eliminated

Neda wins the Head of Household Competition! But she won’t get to enjoy having an HoH room and she’ll have to make her nominations immediately. She jumps right into that, pretty much knowing who she is going to put up with no problem.


  •  Sabrina
  • Rachelle

Power of Veto Competition:

The PoV Comp players are Neda, Rachelle, Sabrina, Heather, Adel, and Arlie. The Houseguests have to search for doughnuts with the names of the first five evicted Houseguests in a dumpster.

It’s over in a flash as Arlie goes dumpster diving like a speed freak and comes up with the win and the Power of Veto. What? Arlie has practically thrown  every other competition he’s been in! Perhaps he’s going to use the PoV to get Kenny up on the block for the second eviction?

Power of Veto Ceremony Results:

Arlie does indeed use the Veto to take Rachelle off the block and Neda promptly puts Kenny up as the renomination. Kenny is now pretty much doomed to be heading off to the jury in just a few minutes.

Eviction Two Vote:

  • Adel votes to evict Kenny
  • Heather votes to evict Kenny
  • Allison votes to evict Kenny
  • Arlie votes to evict Kenny
  • Jon votes to evict Kenny
  • Rachelle votes to evict Sabrina

By a vote of 5 to 1, Kenny has been evicted.

Who went home on Big Brother Canada tonight: Sarah and Kenny

We didn’t get to see who won the next Head of Household on the show tonight, but we’ll bring you the spoilers from the Live Feeds as soon as we have them!

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