Big Brother Canada 2 Spoilers: Week 7 Head of Household Revealed!

After a crazy roller coaster double elimination episode on Thursday night, we were left hanging when the show cut off before the new Head of Household Competition. Thank goodness for the Big Brother Canada Live Feeds!

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We had to wait for a while before the Live Feeds came back on, but finally the Big Brother Canada spoilers on the new Head of Household were revealed late last night. Who will be making the decision on who goes up on the block this week for eviction? Keep reading to find out!

After Kenny and Sarah were evicted from the Big Brother Canada house on Thursday, we waited anxiously for the Live Feeds to come back on. With two main alliances going head to head in the house, we were biting our nails to see which one would come out on top this week.

When the Live Feeds finally returned, we quickly learned that the Sloppy Seconds Alliance was the lucky group in this Head of Household Competition. SSA member Jon turns out to be the one who took home the win, so he’ll get to decide the next nominations.

Naturally, the Sloppy Seconds, spearheaded by Neda and Jon, will be targeting the remainder of the Forsakens Alliance of Rachelle and Sabrina. Although the official nominations have not yet been announced, it looks like these are the two Jon will be putting up. The big target is Rachelle at this point, but the Sloppy Seconds will be happy to take out Sabrina instead if Rachelle should win the Power of Veto.

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