Big Brother Canada 2 Spoilers: Week 7 Nominations

Can’t wait to know the Big Brother Canada spoilers for who was nominated in week 7? Well, we finally have the official results of the Nomination Ceremony yet, although we pretty much knew yesterday who was going to go up on the block.

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Thanks to the Big Brother Canada 2 Live Feeds, we already know who won the Head of Household Competition this week. With that bit of information, and watching the Houseguests conspire on the Feeds, it wasn’t hard to deduce who the new HoH was going to be nominating for the block.

Obviously this post is full of all kinds of Big Brother Canada 2 spoilers that haven’t yet been aired on the show. So please click away now if you do not want to know who won HoH or who will most likely be going up for eviction this week. You have been warned!

We found out late Thursday night that Jon of the Sloppy Seconds Alliance had pulled off the win in the Head of Household Competition. Based on what we’d heard from them on the Live Feeds, especially Jon and Neda, it wasn’t hard to figure out who Jon was going to nominate.

The nominees were going to be Rachelle and Sabrina unless something crazy happened — and it didn’t. Of the two, Rachelle was the original target for eviction but now it is starting to look like it might shift to Sabrina. If one of them wins the Power of Veto, the Sloppy Seconds will just take out the other one. So it doesn’t really matter too much to them.

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