Big Brother Canada 6: Who Stands Out Among the Crowd?

Celebrity Big Brother just ended and we’re already back for another big serving of Big Brother, this time international edition. Today Big Brother Canada 6 premieres on GlobalTV.

Big Brother Canada 6 Cast

To get ready for Big Brother Canada‘s debute, let give some brief impressions of this year new cast.

Jesse Larson

Big Brother Canada 6 Jesse Larson

Jesse seems likable,  not super interesting but he could easily go far in the game. I’d be surprised to not see him end up in a showmance, because that almost seems like the main reason he was cast. But we’ll have to wait and see, because I have a feeling that he could be a much more interesting casting choice than he appears.

Paras Atashnak

Big Brother Canada 6 Paras Atashnak

Paras gives me a bit of a princess vibe, like Big Brother Canada 4 and 5’s Cassandra Shahinfar or Big Brother 16 US’s Victoria Rafaeli. She’s definitely closer to the Cassandra side of things as Paras is very knowledgable about game and how she wants to play it. I don’t think she’ll come off aggressive or scary to people, and hopefully she can get along with everyone. I think a big factor for Paras will be whether or not the females in the house get love or hate one another. If they get along, I think it sets Paras up really well to make a deep run in the game.

Ryan Ballantine

Big Brother Canada 6 Ryan Ballantine

Ryan is a big fan and has a laid out strategy to go far in the Big Brother Canada house. He’s a bigger guy so he doesn’t appear to be any sort of threat in terms of physical competitions. I think the biggest issue for Ryan is how he fits in with this cast. He certainly seems likable and easy to get along with, but he could be someone easy to pick off if his age or personality doesn’t jive with the others. I have faith that he’ll be around for a while though, like Big Brother 15 US Spencer Clawson.

Olivia Riemer 

Big Brother Canada 6 Olivia Riemer

Of all the females, I think Olivia might be the one who has the hardest time getting along with the other women. She just seems a little different than the other ones, not as big of a fan of the game and perhaps a little more willing to say how she feels. I could be totally off, and Olivia could get along great with the other females, but I’d bet she’s more likely to partner up with one or more of the guys and hope it gets her further. We’ll see though, I think Olivia could be someone interesting to watch.

Hamza Hatoum

Big Brother 6 Hamza Hatoum

This guy is something else. I’m not sure if I should take Hamza seriously or if he’s just trolling in the interviews. If Hamza is really like how he portrayed himself in the interviews, he won’t be there longer than three weeks: He just did not seem like someone people would want to have around. Hamza was sort of acting sarcastic but at the same time talking out of both sides of his mouth. He is confident but humble; he is scrawny but will win all the competitions; he’s not a huge fan yet has played in Sequester, and the list goes on. Hamza is just a walking contradiction, so I’m curious to see what we’ll actually do in the house.

Erica Hill

Big Brother Canada 6 Erica Hill

Of everyone, I feel like Erica is the person I most want to hang out with. She’s sort of got a similar vibe to Big Brother Canada 3’s winner Sarah Hanlon. She just seems chill and fun. I know Erica doesn’t have the best grip on the game but sometimes the best players can learn on the fly. I’d be very surprised to see Erica get evicted early, because she just seems like she can fit in with everyone easily. She’ll go deep as long as nothing crazy happens.

Derek Kesseler

Big Brother Canada 6 Derek Kesseler


Again, Derek comes across as another guy who is kind of just there. I wasn’t impressed with him in his interviews, but  he’ll probably go pretty far just by coasting on his looks and charm. I don’t really expect to Derek to  win, and I’ve heard a little about him seeking out more Instagram followers, which is something that just makes me roll my eyes.

Alejandra “Ali” Martinez

Big Brother Canada 6 Alejandra "Ali" Martinez

I’m sort of on the fence with Ali. I feel like she could be a good player but also could come on pretty strong, perhaps like Loveita Adams from Big Brother Canada 4. Ali was certainly fun and full of energy, but I feel like it could be a lot for the other houseguests, especially if she goes hard in the competitions. I just am not sure I really see Ali sticking around too long. However, if she falls in with the right group off allies, or other targets present themselves, Ali could have a shot at winning.

Will Kenny

Big Brother Canada Will Kenny

Will’s accent is insane. I’m hoping there are subtitles on the show. On the live feeds, it may be a challenge to make out what he’s saying. All that said, Will seems perfectly likable, charming, and positioned to go far in the game. He’s not the biggest threat of the men, and who is going to want to target him? I like Will’s chances a lot, though I’m not sure if he really has as firm a grip on the game. I think he could really benefit from pairing up with one of the savvier women in the game like Maddy, Paras, or Kaela.

Rozina Yaqub

Big Brother Canada 6 Rozina Yaqub

I find Rozina very likable and fun, and it seems her sons certianly know what they are doing with the advice they’ve given her. I think a house mom is almost necessary, and usually it bodes pretty well in Big Brother Canada. At least recently for Karen Singbeil, but then there’s also Christine Kelsey who didn’t fare quite as well. I think Rozina is a nicer and more amicable figure than both of them, but my biggest concern is her involvement or uninvolvement in the game. If she can get roped in by some of the younger players, I think Rozina could surprise some people.

Johnny Mulder

Big Brother 6 Johnny Mulder

On paper, Johnny seems just fine, but I sort of wonder where he’ll fit within these houseguests: Some of his beliefs are a little out there. But if he’s able to keep it to himself, Johnny should do alright. I do think a lot of people could peg him as a startegic threat, especially as Johnny openly calls himself sinister. He may have a similar vibe to Big Brother Canada 4’s Mitch Moffit, which might be problematic if other’s sense that. I’m not sure I feel good about his chances, but I think if Johnny can get past the first four or five weeks than he’ll probably go pretty far.

Madeline “Maddy” Poplett

Big Brother Canada 6 Madeline "Maddy" Poplett

Wow. Maddy is something. I don’t know whether to be impressed with her conviction and desire to play this game so hard and win for her father, or worried for her that she might come off as too aggressive as a player. It’s really going to depend. I do think a number of these females are poised to really dominate, Maddy certainly included. I just can’t get a good sense of how she’ll get along with the others. Maddy seems to view this as a business trip, where she intends to earn the money and sign it over to her father. It’s admirable, but I have to wonder if she’ll really be able to connect with the others on the level that she hopes.

Andrew Miller

Big Brother Canada 6 Andrew Miller

Andrew is another one that I had trouble being able to make heads or tails of him. I think he’ll be well-liked and fit in easy, but I could also sort of see it turning the other way. Time is going to tell with Andrew. I don’t see how he fits in well with this relatively young cast. However if he gets into an alliance with some of the younger guys, he could probably make a decent run at this. It’s just hard to say at this point.

Kaela Grant

Big Brother Canada 6 Kaela Grant

There’s a lot more to Kaela than meets the eye, as she seems to be super sweet and likable yet a competitive athlete; I don’t think people will see it coming. Kaela has got the people skills to go far, and a good head on her shoulders. I worry about the potential for a showmance or something, but she’s one of the ones that I feel best about her chances to go far. When Kaela says she’s underestimated, I really believe that she will be. I just hope she can keep her athletic prowess hidden until she really needs to win.

And now for the four possible houseguests that are currently on the bubble due to a fan vote. Only one man and one women will end up as proper Big Brother Canada 6 houseguest:

Merron Haile

Big Brother Canada 6 Merron Haile

It’s difficult to say if Merron or Mikey will get into the house. I think they are very different, Merron is very likable but generic. If he’s voted in, he has just as good if a chance as any of the other young men in the game. He seems charming and knows enough about the game to get by, but Merron doesn’t really offer anything too exciting based on what I’ve seen.

Michael “Mikey” Jakobczak

Big Brother Canada 6 Michael "Mikey" Jakobczak

I don’t want to openly endorse but I think Mikey is going to be a lot more fun if he gets in than Merron. The guy seems kind of bananas and had me laughing about all the things he was saying about his lavish lifestyle. I’d be dissapointed if he doesn’t get voted in but I am sort of expecting it? I think Mikey is an interesting addition to the cast, and while he might flame out soon, he’d probably bring up the level of play for the few weeks he’d be there for. We’ll see how the vote goes though.

Veronica Doherty

Big Brother Canada 6 Veronica Doherty

Veronica doesn’t offer anything too interesting either. I don’t get the impression that she’s a huge fan. I don’t really think that she’d last long if voted into the Big Brother Canada house. She kind of has a more unique vibe than some of the other women, and I’m not sure she’d fit in as well and she hopes she might. From everything I’ve seen, she probably won’t get voted in and she’ll be the second Veronica rejected by a fan vote in Big Brother Canada history.

Kirsten MacInnis

Big Brother 6 Canada Kirsten MacInnis

Finally we’ve got Kirsten, who is quite active and popular in the online fan community. She is one of the biggest fans and has watched live feeds in the past. I worry about Kristen potentially going in late but she does seem to be someone that can get along with the other houseguests. For her, assuming she gets in, it will probably come down to the vibe in the house when she arrives. If it’s a united front, Kristen is in trouble. If the house gets divided by the first vote or some other dynamic, she could slide right in and find herself in a good position to make a run.

Well, that’s all we’ve got for now. Let us know what you think about this new crop of Big Brother Canada houseguets. And be sure to check out @BigBroAccess on Twitter to keep tabs on the house action. Hope you enjoy Big Brother Canada 6!

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