Four Things Big Brother 20 Should Take From Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother was one of our favorite seasons of the show in awhile. It balanced entertainment and gameplay so effortlessly. We had blindsides, feuds, and crazy characters. It wasn’t at the level of classic Big Brother (Season 1-10), but it was one of the best latter seasons versions.

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Everyone has their own reasons why this season worked so well. Some thought it was the lack of showmances, others praised the people that they cast this season, and many credited the older cast as being a huge factor in Celebrity Big Brother’s success.

We agree that all those things helped make Celebrity Big Brother  so enjoyable, but we think the following four reasons are why the series worked so much.


We’re not just talking about racial diversity, but in all aspects. We didn’t have the typical model-type, we had people who were celebrities but also looked like average human beings. This might change the way the CBS team cast, and we may see a more diverse looking cast in the future.

We also had diversity in character archetypes. The celebrities took their stereotypical Big Brother characters (rat floater, comp beast, emotional wreck, etc.), and added a new spin to it. Shannon Elizabeth wasn’t just a Vanessa Rousso character, she also had elements of Steve Moses. Ross Mathews isn’t just Andy Herren, but a very sloppy Derrick Levasseur.

Shorter Season

Celebrity Big Brother really benefited from only having three weeks of a show. It lead to quicker gameplay, which made for a more exciting season. There was almost no downtime because something was always happening, whether competitions or scheming.

It felt a lot more compact, and gave the players and watchers very little time to relax; it kept the season at a quick but very enjoyable pace. A regular Big Brother season could work so much better if it loses anywhere from two. weeks to a month. A three week season of Big Brother is too short, unless we’re having seasons back-to-back, but a 60 day season would work just as well, if not better, than a full 90 day plus one.

Feeds Preview

Early sneak peeks of the feeds got fans super excited about the season. It even–probably–led to more early subscribers. CBS should 100 percent do feeds previews for Big Brother 20. They could even possibly offer early access to early subscribers–for example, saying anyone who subscribes by June 12 gets feeds a few days before the official launch date.

It could probably drive up subscribers and get early buzz going for the season.

Older Cast

It doesn’t even necessarily have to be a completely older cast. It could be like this one, where you have people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and older: just a mix of ages, instead of all 20-somethings with a few early 30-somethings, and like one person over 40.

The older cast leds to less showmances, more ruthless gameplay, and less attempts to self-promote. And it may actually attract more interesting characters to the show, because older people tend to have more life experience that they bring to the game and show.

What did you like about Celebrity Big Brother and want to see on Big Brother 20?

That’s it for Celebrity Big Brother. Thanks for all your support, and we hope to see you back here real soon.

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