Big Brother 15’s Jessie Kowalski Shows Off Bikini Body [PHOTOS]

For most of us, this is not really the time we would be stripping off to wear a swimsuit. For Big Brother 15 cast member Jessie Kowalski, however, no time of year is apparently wrong to show off your bikini body! When Jessie took a recent trip to Malibu, California, she wasted no time at all in heading to the beach and showing off her curves in as little clothing as you are allowed to wear in public.

Jessie Kowalski showing off her curves - Source: Instagram
Jessie Kowalski showing off her curves – Source: Instagram

Jessie Kowalski may not be a tiny size zero, but we think she’s looking pretty good in her little black bikini. Of course, we believe women with curves are sexy, unlike those ultra-skinny types that look like they are in desperate need of a sandwich. Some folks might disagree, but we appreciate ladies with a little meat on their bones and junk in the trunk — and Jessie has both!

Check out more photos from Jessie’s trip to Malibu and enjoy. (Click the thumbnails for bigger pics – Source: Instagram)

What do you think of Jessie Kowalski’s bikini bod? Hot or not? Oh, and if you haven’t seen them yet, you can also check out some bikini pics of Big Brother 15 cast member Candice Stewart posted recently of her back in her pageant days.

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