Candice Stewart Shows Off Her Pageant Bikini Body [PHOTOS]

Big Brother 15 babe Candice Stewart loves to show off her bling and fancy nail art on Instagram but fans got an even bigger treat this week when she posted pics of her smoking hot bikini body! Candice posted the photos of herself while lamenting about the great times back during her pageant days when she “ate whatever I wanted and looked like this.”

11-22-2013 08-15-40 AM
Candice Stewart – Source: Instagram

Somehow, we don’t believe that former Miss Teen USA and Miss USA contestant Candice Stewart ever ate whatever the hell she wanted and had a body this sweet! Seriously, these photos make us feel like we’re committing a crime with our tall, double-shot, half-caf skinny latte this morning.

We gotta say, we’ve seen Aaryn Gries’ pageant photos, GinaMarie Zimmerman’s pageant pics, and now we’ve seen Candice Stewart’s … and we think Candice wins hands down. From what we saw on the Big Brother Live Feeds and in the last pic below, Candice is still looking pretty fabulous in those bikinis in present day too!

(Click the thumbnails for bigger pics – Source: Instagram/CBS)

We are glad to hear though that Candice says although she’s “running to the gym” to keep in shape, she does “embrace my curves with love!” We totally agree that a “lil booty never hurt” anybody! Isn’t that right?


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