Big Brother 15’s David Girton Parties On With Outrageous Twitter Feed

Of all the Big Brother 15 cast members, we have to give the prize for the most outrageous Twitter feed to David Girton. The poor guy was the first person eliminated on Big Brother 2013 but we ended up being more entertained by him just on Twitter than we were by many of the HouseGuests while they were on the show.

David Girton and friends: Source: Twitter
David Girton and friends: Source: Twitter

Since Big Brother 15 ended, David ‘The Hair’ Girton has continued to entertain us with the most outrageous, ridiculous, gross, lewd, and totally whacked Twitter comments and photos imaginable. Some of the things he says are so out there, we can’t help but wonder what he is smoking, how much of it he is smoking, and where we can buy some… but we digress.

Just for fun, we decided that we had to post some of the wackiest David Girton Twitter comments from the past week or so we thought were amusing. We encourage you to gawk along with us and then follow his Twitter feed to remind yourself that yes, people like this exist and the world would be a whole lot less insanely amusing without them. (Warning though, David is very NSFW… we posted the mild stuff!)






Follow David Girton on Twitter @DavidGirton2.

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