Can JC Moundiux, who hasn’t even won a single competition this summer, orchestrate another Big Brother 20 houseguest takeover?  He has set his sights on Brett Robinson as his next puppet, and unbelievably Brett appears to be falling for JC’s puppet master act.  JC successfully orchestrated Faysal Shafaat to target one of his own alliance member for eviction even though that was a grave mistake for Fessy.

Big Brother 20 Brett Robinson

Once Fessy evicted Scottie Salton, Fessy was the very next houseguest to be evicted himself.  Scottie may have battled his way back into the Big Brother house, but he was immediately targeted for eviction this week after being nominated to the block.

JC’s manipulation tactics will have large ramifications for the only remaining and functioning alliance in the Big Brother 20 house, Level 6. As JC drives a wedge between Brett and his own alliance members, Angela Rummans, Tyler Crispen, and Kaycee Clark, Level 6 may just implode from there. Brett’s secretive talks with JC aren’t the only covert operations going on inside the house.Tyler and Angela are going to great lengths to keep their newly formed showmance under wraps as to not become targets in the game.

Big Brother 20 JC Mounduix

Even though Tyler and Angela are paranoid about letting their showmance out of the bag, JC is on to them and their attempts to hide their budding love for each other. JC confronted Tyler about Angela sleeping in the HOH room with him, and even told Tyler that he heard Angela running from the bed to the couch to try and cover up where she had slept.

JC told Tyler that he has put in all this work with Tyler just to have it thrown away for a girl (Angela). Tyler did his best to calm down JC and assure him it was just his paranoia getting the best of him.  Paranoia is defiantly setting in around the Big Brother house. Back to JC and Brett…JC has seemingly convinced Brett to target Angela or Kaycee for eviction soon.

Big Brother 20 Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans

Their conversation went as far as to conspire a plan to nominate Angela and Kaycee to the block together to insure one of them is evicted if Brett happens to win the HOH competition this coming week. Other options were discussed such as a backdoor plan for Angela with Haleigh Broucher and Sam Bledsoe nominated initially as pawns.

We have seen how quickly things can change in the Big Brother house.  Level 6 has been a well-oiled alliance machine for 10 weeks, victoriously targeting and eliminating their marks in the Hive alliance until only 2 members remained. Now they are on the brink of disaster with JC conning Brett, and Tyler and Angela letting love cloud their judgment.

Big Brother 20 LEvel 6Can the houseguest with no comp wins bring down Level 6?  Time will answer this question for us soon. Check back next week for the week 11 alliance update inside the Big Brother 20 house.

Big Brother 20

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