Big Brother 20 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 75 Highlights: A Showmance Blossoms and JC’s Game Continues to Unravel

Now that the Big Brother 20 Veto competition played out, the second stage of the week could happen. Usually, from Sunday to Wednesday, we have very boring action on the Big Brother Live Feeds. Yesterday was a little different. We had some meltdowns, game talks, and a little romance.

Big Brother 20 JC Mounduix and Tyler Crispen
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Level 6 (minus Brett Robinson) worked to reassure Haleigh Broucher that she was safe this week. Scottie Salton was the target. Angela Rummans and Kaycee Clark especially made sure to comfort her. Tyler Crispen and Haleigh had a game talk where he let her know that Scottie was the target, and he wasn’t going to go after her because of the hacker nominations. She also promised him that none of the trio (Kaycee, Angela, and Tyler) were her targets. Sam Bledsoe was her biggest threat and target.

JC Mounduix and Brett expressed concern about Haleigh getting close to Kaycee and Angela. JC still thought Scottie needed to go this week, but he continued to push towards evicting Kaycee or Angela as soon as possible. Tyler also mentioned to Kaycee that he knew JC and Brett would target one of them soon. Kaycee also wondered if JC and Brett had a final two deal. She also started to wonder if it was better to get rid of JC before Haleigh.

Big Brother 20 Haleigh Broucher

JC continued to grow increasingly frustrated as the week progressed. First, he got annoyed about becoming a Have-Not. This time, CBS chose the Have-Nots, and they were based on the first three to fall out of the Head of Household competition. JC was annoyed to be a Have-Not, and then the houseguests finally found their booze, to add insult to injury. Next, Angela made herself comfortable in Tyler’s HOH room.

JC and Brett especially took notice. They wondered if they were officially a showmance. Late, late at night, Angela and Tyler officially became a showmance by sharing their first kiss.

Big Brother 20 Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans Kiss

Scottie continued to tell the houseguests about the jury house mindset. He discussed how Angie “Rockstar” Lantry and Bayleigh Dayton didn’t like Angela, and that second on their dislike list was Brett and Tyler. Scottie also told Haleigh that he heard she had a final two with all of the Hive. She denied it. She said Scottie was her only final two. Scottie also told Haleigh that Rockstar told him about her goodbye messages. He called Angela’s message savage.

Scottie also told Haleigh that Tyler told him that he was the pawn, and Haleigh was the target, but he didn’t believe it. Haleigh later cried to Kaycee and Angela about what Scottie told her about him being the pawn. They reassured her that that wasn’t true. Scottie didn’t really know the agenda for the week.

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