Big Brother 20 Episode 30 Recap: Round 2 for Scottie

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 20 should be a good one as Scottie Salton is back in the game.  Scottie won the Battle Back competition during the live episode last Thursday evening against his own alliance members Faysal Shafaat, Rockstar Lantry, and Bayleigh Dayton.  Scottie shouldn’t be out for revenge as his own Hive alliance member, Fessy, is the one that sent him to the jury house.  Now Fessy is in the Jury house with no chance in making back into the game of Big Brother.

Big Brother 20 Scottie Salton

Scottie has a second chance of a lifetime, one where he could potentially win a half a million dollars.  These types of opportunities rarely come around once in a lifetime much less twice as Scottie has been blessed.  But as Big Brother history shows, the jury members that win their way back into the game typically have the largest target on their backs.  If Scottie has any chance of staying in this Big Brother house, he better figure out how to get in on the good side of Level 6 or he’s a goner.

Welcome Back Scottie

Now that Scottie has won his way back into the game, all of the houseguests are amped to see him again, but how long will this enthusiasm last and just how real are the houseguests’ reactions?  Scottie is well aware the farce that houseguests are putting on pretending to be so happy Scottie is back in the game.  Level 6 is in agreement that Scottie is a major threat to their game and has a big target on him now.  Haleigh Broucher, on the other hand, isn’t sure if her former ally stills has her best interests in mind after her showmance partner Fessy was the one that evicted Scottie.  Easily put, stakes are high for Scottie and Haleigh in this HOH competition.

Head of Household Competition

Scottie and the other remaining 7 houseguests will be competing in an endurance competition for the next Big Brother Head of Household.  The players must hang onto a swinging rope while being spun in a large circle with a gigantic cherry pie at one end that should knock many a player to the ground, not to mention make quite a mess of the players.

Big Brother 20 HOH

The last player left hanging onto their rope wins the HOH competition.  This competition should be a real treat with the players hanging onto for dear life with only 8 houseguests remaining and 72 days into this season of Big Brother.  JC Moundiux was the first houseguest to fall from his rope.  Way to hang in there JC.

To make things a bit more interesting on the swinging rope, Big Brother is throwing mustard, ketchup, and chicken feathers at the players.  That was more than Sam Bledsoe could take and hit the floor not long after JC.  Scottie’s rope started to spin quickly and uncontrollably and was the next to hit the deck.

Big Brother 20 HOH

The spinning is really getting to the houseguests and Kaycee Clark loses her cookies while spinning, but she managed to hang on to her rope.  In addition to all the other factors, the giant pie really starts to pummel the players.  Brett Robinson is eliminated as well as Kaycee.  All that remains now is Tyler Crispen and Haleigh.  Both desperately want to win this competition to save their Big Brother game.

In a split second, Haleigh took an incredibly hard hit from the pie and slid to her elimination.  As Haleigh still lay on the mat in defeat, Tyler gave her some loving.  Haleigh appeared to give everything she had to that competition and just came up short.

Tyler and Angela Rummans did some game talk and mentioned that Scottie and Haleigh were probably the best bet for noms this week.  Tyler would be clear of getting any blood on his hands.  We knew Scottie would be a big target and Haleigh was on the block last week with Fessy.  On a side note, Angela and Tyler seem has be having an increasingly difficult time keeping their hands off one another.  Their non-existent showmance seems to be coming to fruition, right before our very eyes.  Tyler swears that he is keeping his eye on the prize of a half a million dollars, but love is a crazy thing.

Week 10 Block Nominations

At the nomination ceremony, Tyler took the safe route and decided to put up Haleigh and Scottie for eviction.  These are the only 2 members remaining of the Hive alliance.  Once again, the only way to save their game is to win the golden Power of Veto.  Can Haleigh or Scottie save themselves from the block this week?

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Big Brother 20

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