Big Brother 16: Devin May Be Evicted, But He Wasn’t ‘Backdoored’

We have been hearing the Big Brother 2014 cast and fans talking about Devin being ‘backdoored’ all week long. The problem is, the term stopped being accurate after Devin was chosen to play in the Power of Veto Competition. The term ‘backdoor’ gets throw around a lot by the Houseguests and the viewers, but what does it really mean?

Big Brother 16 Cast – Devin (CBS)

When the Big Brother 16 Houseguests first started talking about ‘backdooring’ Devin when the Heads of Household for week three were named, they had the right idea. Don’t put Devin up as an eviction nominee, do everything possible to prevent him from playing in the Power of Veto Competition, and put him up as a replacement nominee when someone else wins and uses the PoV.

In essence, the point is to put up people on the block — on purpose — that you have no intention of evicting. Then replace one of them by having the Power of Veto used to take one of them off the block and backdoor your true eviction target. However, the term ‘backdoor’ is no longer accurate if the true eviction target gets the chance to play in the Power of Veto Competition. Which Devin did.

Devin lost the Power of Veto Competition and Donny nabbed it instead. The house still mostly seems bent on getting Devin out and he will likely go up on the block as a replacement nominee this week and go on to get evicted. However, because he played in the PoV Comp, he technically is not being ‘backdoored’ – despite production apparently encouraging the Houseguests to still call it that.

Proof in point as noted by Derrick talked to Frankie and Victoria on Sunday night around 9PM BBT on the Live Feeds. During this conversation, Derrick brought up the fact that although Devin would have been a backdoor eviction if he had not played in the PoV, technically he is not one anymore if he goes home. However, Derrick said that in Diary Room, production told him to call it a ‘backdoor’ eviction anyway, even if it technically isn’t.

Why? Because ‘backdooring’ someone sounds cooler than ‘oh look how lucky we were that he didn’t win PoV and this whole eviction is kind of anticlimactic!’

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