Big Brother 16 Recap: We Love When a Plan Comes Together 7/17/2014

Before the Big Brother 16 results show even started tonight, we were about as close to 100 percent sure of who would be going home as you can get. The writing has clearly been on the wall all week long on who the house wanted to be the one who got evicted on Big Brother tonight.

Big Brother 16 - Devin & Caleb (CBS)
Big Brother 16 – Devin & Caleb (CBS)

With only one snafu along the way, the plan came together in a way the A-Team would have loved. Oh dear, we probably just dated ourselves very badly with that reference. There was only one potential last-minute bit of scheming that could possibly get in the way of making sure Devin was the one who went home on Big Brother 16 tonight.

Oddly enough, it was Nicole and Christine who decided they were going to throw a little wrench into the Big Brother eviction results on Thursday night. According to their plans revealed on the Big Brother Live Feeds, the two tight friends and allies wanted to shake things up by messing with what seemed to be a potentially unanimous vote to evict Devin.

Basically, Christine and Nicole planned to throw their votes to Devin, thus confusing everyone about who would vote to keep Devin safe. Especially knowing that two votes couldn’t possibly help him. They hoped that everyone would think Donny and Jocasta broke with the main group like they did last week. They really did not see how giving Devin two votes could possibly mess up his eviction, but there is always a chance — so taking this risk is never something to be done lightly.

Join us for our Big Brother 2014 recap of Thursday night’s live eviction results and Head of Household Competition show below and find out if the girls went through with their nefarious plan!

Here we go, it’s Big Brother eviction show time! Host Julie Chen says one of the eviction nominees is obsessed with power, the other with a girl. One of them will be going home tonight, but which one?

We kick off with a mini review of the events leading up to tonight’s show, including Caleb throwing the Battle of the Block, Amber turning him down for a date and throwing him in the friendzone, Donny winning the Power of Veto, and Devin going up on the block.

The former Bomb Squad is in ruins and now two of its founding members are now up for eviction. Julie says that if history has taught us anything, it’s that volunteering to go up on the block like Caleb did is a very risky move.

Oh fun, tonight we will get to visit with Donny’s family! We can’t wait to see that bit!

Donny says in Diary Room that Jocasta couldn’t fight for herself in the Power of Veto Competition, but he felt like he had to fight for her. Caleb says it was a big risk putting himself on the block and now it is all up to the house. Devin says he is a fighter and it may be worth seeing how people feel about Caleb.

Jocasta cries and thanks God for Donny keeping his word and using the Power of Veto to take her off the block.

Caleb covers Amber with a blanket in the dark, she doesn’t respond. He whispers to Hayden in the dark and talks about how Amber is going to get so cold. So he gets up and puts his other blanket on her too, leaving him with none. He talks about that he put himself on the block for her, and just gave her all his blankets, and he thinks he will get that date with her. Hayden shakes his head in the dark and mouths “What?”

Cody talks to Donny about how Caleb is a liability and how obsessed he is with Amber. Cody says Caleb’s game is being wrecked by his thing for Amber. Cody says in Diary Room that he is feeling very uncomfortable about the heat he is getting from Caleb in the game. Donny tells Cody that Caleb would die for Amber. Donny says in Diary Room that Caleb is a beast in competition and he would do whatever Amber wants and those two things make him dangerous.

Normally more reserved Victoria comes outside in a skimpy black bathing suit and lacy lingerie looking overshirt. Hayden and Cody start whistling and howling. Hayden yells ‘what’s your name girl?’ and then in Diary Room he says, “No, seriously, what’s your name?” Victoria looks pleased at the reaction.

In the dark, Amber talks to Cody in the dark. He is rubbing her knee and she talks about how she was in a relationship for so long she got used to having somebody. But in the past year and a half it’s been nothing. (Victoria, meanwhile, is laying in the bed next to Cody listening to all this.) Cody asks Amber if she wants to be his friend. She says they are already friends and reaches out to hold his hand. And… Caleb is creeping around.

Cody says in Diary Room that whenever he is hanging out with Amber, Caleb is creeping around, popping into the room, or coming by to check on them. It is getting under his skin.

Later, Cody is playing pool with Derrick and he complains about Caleb “acting like a little bitch” and following Amber around. In Diary Room, Derrick says Caleb is obviously thinking with his heart and not his head. He says this could make him a big liability. (CBS is really trying to convince us there is some actual chance of Caleb going home instead of Devin. They aren’t even showing very much of Devin at all!)

Hayden is trying to get Nicole to get closer with him. He tries to sneak in a kiss with her, but Victoria comes in and it ruins the moment. (Nicole has said on the Live Feeds she will not kiss anyone in the house.) Hayden is pissed because Victoria decides to stay in the room and go to bed. His frustration is kind of adorable.

We have more talk about why Caleb should go and Devin should stay to play up the eviction even though we know from the Live Feeds that there is no way that is happening. Zach and Cody talk about how Devin isn’t really a bad person but he’s not played the game well. Frankie joins in on the game talk that maybe Devin should be the one evicted.

Big Brother alum Jeff Schroeder, who is apparently now the face of the show everywhere, goes to meet Donny’s so cute family. His parents admit they don’t even watch the show. They say he dresses different on the show and they don’t like seeing him in shorts. They think it is very funny some of the other Houseguests think he is former military. They are so cute we can’t even stand them. They say Donny is always positive and it’s obvious Donny is just a really genuine person from what they say and how they are.

Time for the live eviction vote! But before they do, it is time for their “brief” as Julie says, statement to try to sway them. Caleb gives shoutouts to his friends and family. Caleb says he and Devin are both strong competitors, but he is not a liar and backstabber like Devin is. Even though he also calls him a great guy. But if you want beast mode cowboy in the house, vote to keep him.

Devin says he has had some highs and lows in the game and if he could redo things he would. But would you rather have Caleb, who has a final two pact with Amber and would do anything he could to protect her, even volunteering to go up on the block. Or would they rather have him, a physical and mental competition monster, and carry anyone who saves him to the end. He also says Nicole is a really cute frog.

Big Brother 16 Week 3 Eviction Vote:

  • Jocasta votes to evict Devin
  • Donny votes to evict Devin
  • Nicole (happily) votes to evict Devin
  • Hayden votes to evict Devin
  • Zach votes to evict Devin
  • Cody votes to evict Devin
  • Victoria (happily) votes to evict (devil) Devin
  • Frankie votes to evict Devin and says Julie looks “ravishing”
  • Amber votes to evict Devin
  • Christine (gladly) votes to evict Devin
  • Brittany votes to evict Devin

With 11 votes to evict, Devin is out of the Big Brother house. Looks like that plan to throw some votes at Caleb and blame Jocasta and Donny did not end up happening. Too bad, that would have been some fun drama. After Devin leaves, the Houseguests start screaming and yelling in happiness. Amber even jumps on top of Caleb and straddles him! That does not help him not be obsessed with you girly.

After the celebrating, it’s time for the Houseguests to get ready for the Head of Household Competition. They’ve been in lockdown for quite a while, so we are expecting an elaborate set if it is not an endurance competition tonight.

Outside in the studio, Devin shows off the aluminum foil heart that Brittany gave to him as he was leaving. Very sweet.

She gave him a heart, but not a vote. He says he is not surprised, however, that he did not get any votes. He says that people who play hard tend to go early. Devin says that there was a lot of paranoia when he was up in the HoH room and he saw some side moves being made and thought The Bomb Squad was falling apart. So that’s what contributed to him blowing up his own alliance.

Devin said he had a lot of mixed emotions about playing with his daughter out there watching. He says he came in wanting to play with honesty and integrity. Then he was in the house where all the big players have been and they haven’t always been honest… and well, things just went from there.

Julie says real quickly that there has been speculation in the house that Donny is not who he says he is. Devin wants to know if he is. Julie reads off some of the theories that he is a Navy Seal, a college professor, ex-military, etc. She wants to know what Devin thinks. He says he has no idea with how Donny wears that Harvard Medical stuff and that camouflage gear. Julie tells Devin he is just a simple groundskeeper.

In the goodbye messages, Jocasta says Devin’s army that he formed turned against him and that’s just so sad. But he gets to see his daughter, so God bless him. Caleb says Devin is an awesome guy but inside the house he made some bad choices. He’s caused damage, like putting up a member of his alliance, and then blowing it up. It made him hard to trust. Zach calls Devin possibly the worst player in Big Brother history because his social game was God-aweful. Donny says Devin did him wrong, but he made it right when he didn’t nominate him when he was Head of Household. He wishes him the best of luck and have a great rest of the summer with his daughter.

Time for the Head of Household Competition! For this challenge, which seems to be taking place in a cheesy version of hell with Derrick as the devil, the players have to team up in pairs. Whichever pair wins will be the two new HoHs. Julie Chen says their team members might be their allies, or their worst enemy. They randomly drew numbers earlier in the day to determine who they would be paired with. Here are the teams:

  • Victoria and Christine
  • Caleb and Nicole
  • Brittany and Jocasta
  • Amber and Zach
  • Donny and Hayden
  • Cody and Frankie

For the competition — called Deviled Eggs — they have to work together to get 12 eggs across a bunch of chicken wire and into slots. They both have to participate equally to make it work. The competition starts and Victoria is moving very slowly while Frankie & Cody are speeding along. But Frankie drops an egg!

We break for a moment to find out that the Team America secret mission this week will be to get a “physical threat” player nominated for eviction.

Back to the competition and Amber & Zach have one egg. So do Frankie & Cody. Now they are being coated with fiery ashes to annoy them.

Looks like time is up and we won’t get to see the rest of the competition on the show. Tune in now to the Big Brother Live Feeds to get the scoop on who won!

Or you can pop on over to our spoilers post to find out what happens as soon as the results are in!

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