Big Brother 16 Highlight: Team America Wins $5,000 Each [VIDEO]

Big Brother 2014‘s Team America went on their first secret mission this week and rocked it! Their task was to get at least three other Big Brother 16 cast members to spread the rumor that someone in the house was related to a former player. Not only did they complete the mission, they absolutely killed it!

Big Brother 2014 Cast - Derrick (CBS)
Big Brother 2014 Cast – Derrick (CBS)

Derrick, Frankie, and Donny decided to try to spread the rumor that Zach was related to former Big Brother cast member Amanda Zuckerman. They came up with a story that Paola told Donny this shortly before she was evicted. Furthermore, Zach allegedly told Paola this himself  before she left.

Well, Donny and Derrick made quick work of spreading the rumor around. Frankie, meanwhile, ‘observed’ the process. He apparently thought he did enough in helping to come up with the plan. Donny told Nicole, Nicole told Christine. Derrick told Caleb, and Caleb told Amber. Then they both told Zach about the rumor, and Zach went and told pretty much everyone else. Even more fun, he didn’t exactly deny it was the truth!

Watching Team America in action on their secret mission this past week was a lot of fun on the Big Brother Live Feeds, although we did start to worry they weren’t going to meet their deadline! But they did indeed succeed and will now each pocket a cool $5,000 for their troubles.

Team America’s next task won’t be nearly so easy, however. They will have to either target a ‘physical threat’ or a ‘floater’ to get on the block for eviction this week, depending on how the votes from the viewers go. We’ll find out which way the voters went on Thursday night’s eviction show!

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