Big Brother 19: Which Two Players Do You Think Will Be Evicted This Week? (POLL)

The first, and probably not only, Big Brother 19 double eviction happens on Thursday. Unless a Big Brother miracle happens, Cody Nickson should be the first player out the door. This then leads to someone else going out soon after him. They become the first two members of the Big Brother 19 jury.

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Big Brother double evictions are hard to predict. It depends on a lot of variables, such as who wins Head of Household, the veto holder, and who gets into the ear of the right person at the right time. Paul Abrahamian has been putting targets on a lot of different players.

He put one on Matt Clines, Mark Jansen, Elena Davies, and now even Kevin Schlehuber, who for awhile seemed like Paul’s closest ally. These players seem the most in danger going into Thursday’s live double eviction. However, Mark has been on a little bit of a winning streak. He is the only Big Brother 19 player that we know for sure won’t go with Paul’s agenda.

If Mark wins Head of Household, Josh Martinez, Paul, Christmas Abbott, or Alex Ow might be in danger. The most interesting outcome would be if Kevin won Head of Household. He’s likely to target someone for Paul, but might not completely follow Paul’s rules. We can see him going for Matt and Raven Walton, instead of sticking to trying to evict Mark or Elena.

Big Brother 19 Cast

The most predictable outcome would be a Paul win. He would go for Mark and claim the other player was a pawn. However, it would be very bad for Paul’s game to try to win this Head of Household competition. The only time he should try to win it is if he is in the finals with Mark. Everyone else in the house (if Cody leaves) wouldn’t even put Paul on their radar.

So which two players do you think will leave this Big Brother 19 week? Vote and comment below.

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