Big Brother Canada 5 Spoilers: Week 2 Live Feeds Summary

It’s been quite the premiere week in the Big Brother Canada 5 house! Since the Big Brother Canada feeds were switched on last Thursday night, our eyes have been glued to the constantly changing action. Need a recap of everything that went down in the Big Brother 5 house this week? We’ve got you covered.

After the chaotic 7-6 eviction of Mark last week, little was known about where everyone stood since it was not clear just how the house was split. And after a week of riveting action, it’s still not really clear as the dynamics have constantly been changing. But Demetres pulled off a big Head of Household win last week after having survived nomination by Karen the previous week.

Immeditately, it was known that Dillon was his main target, with partner-in-crime Emily as a likely pawn. From the get go, Dillon and Emily seemed resigned to their fate, despite both campaigning for themselves. Karen’s name was thrown out as well, but to no avail as Demetres stuck with his instincts and nominated Dillon and Emily for eviction. But his plan to evict Dillon wouldn’t go off without a hitch, when Dillon won the Power of Veto throwing Demetres’ plans into a tailspin.

This is where things get really messy. Ika has been in Demetres ear all week, as the two have gotten incredibly close. Cassandra has also been urging Demetres to do what she wants, as she feels responsible for having saved him the first week. When Dillon won the Power of Veto, it was known that Dallas was in danger for having been seen as close with Dillon and Emily. Even many of the other veterans are against Dallas, due to their lack of trust for him. Kevin, Bruno, Sindy and Neda in particular have never really been on is side.

Cassandra’s aggressive gameplay has been irritating some of her fellow houseguests, leading to them not trusting her. But Ika, who has been wishy-washy on her feelings about Cassandra had been convinced that perhaps keeping Dallas was a smart move. Cassandra tried to push for Bruno to be backdoored, which was supported by Dre who also feels uneasy about Bruno. But Demetres wasn’t having it, and didn’t really waver too much from wanting to nominate Dallas. At some point, Jackie was a possibility as a replacement but it didn’t last long with Neda and Bruno getting in Demetres ear. Eventually, he decided to nominate Dallas when Dillon removed himself from the block.

Dallas knew he was in trouble, and was even told by Ika, Cassandra, and Gary that he was going to get nominated and get evicted due to his actions of having been with Dillon and Emily. In a last ditch effort to show the house he is not with Dillon, he’s lashed out at him in a public fashion since his nomination. Cassandra has continued to beat the drum for Dallas, but at this point things look grim. Ika and Dre have also been on board to evict Emily, but it appears that the support is not generally there coming from most of the house.

Ultimately, Dallas and Emily will face potential eviction tonight and things could change last minute just as they did last week. Meanwhile, the houseguests are all narrowing their sights on the next Head of Household competition. With such a tumultuous start, it looks like Big Brother Canada 5 is going to be exhilirating from countdown to takeoff!

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