Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Live Feeds Day 54 Highlights: One Final Battle of Mark Versus the House for the Road

With less than a month left of Big Brother 19, the game has slowed a lot. Currently, the Big Brother house won’t even humor the possibility of keeping Mark Jansen over Matt Clines. We see no path where Matt walks out the doors over Mark tonight. Due to the house’s pure blind loyalty, we have no hope for an exciting live eviction episode this Big Brother 19 week.

Big Brother 19 Cast

If any excitement comes from this week, it could be with who wins the Head of Household competition. Paul Abrahamian used the week to set targets on everyone but himself. This is a good strategy, but if he doesn’t handle these next few evictions with care, he may suffer a similar fate to the one he experienced on Big Brother 18.

Mark Campaigns Some More

Big Brother 19 Mark Jansen

Anyone who complains about a Big Brother houseguest fighting for their life until the very end, is not a true Big Brother fan. As fans, we want to see them pull out every move to win the game. All the weeks prior to this one, Big Brother 19 houseguests have not really campaigned to stay in the game. They either let their egos get in their way, or rightfully realized that the house was too blind to Paul’s deceptions to keep them.

Paul and his minions decided to laugh and make fun of Mark for trying to not go out without a fight. However, Mark continued on this path and tried the entire day to campaign to one person after another. They just repeated his information and mocked him.

Mark Versus Paul…Over Cody!?

Big Brother 19 Mark Jansen and Paul Abrahamian

Paul has continuously talked badly about Cody Nickson since he left the game. Mark, being a sort-of friend to him, decided to tell Paul to stop it. Mark’s argument was that Cody is out of the game, so why does any of this matter now? He didn’t feel like Cody did anything to warrant this much hatred and discussion.

Paul disagreed. He basically berated Mark for defending Cody. He claimed that Cody wouldn’t do the same for Mark, and that he wasn’t a good person. Mark just didn’t want to discuss it anymore. However, Paul continued. Once Paul got in a room without Mark, he said how Mark was a bully just like Cody.

Mark just felt drained by the whole house and their continuous hypocrisy and drama. We are too, Mark. We are too.

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