Big Brother 23 Spoilers Week 4 Power of Veto Ceremony Results (08/02/21)

The week 4 Big Brother 23 Power of Veto ceremony happened today and things went as planned. We’re only two evictions left before the Big Brother 23 jury officially starts. This means now and next week are the last chances to do whatever it takes to stay in the house. The reason players fight so hard to make it to the Big Brother jury section of the game, besides the paycheck, is that there are many perks that come with being a juror.

Derek Xiao Power of Veto Ceremony

One of those perks is a possible second chance at the game. There could very well be a Big Brother 23 Battleback competition for jurors, so that’s one motivation to make it to the jury segment. The jury segment is also when players start to make the ruthless moves that could help propel their game, secure their victory, or cost them the whole thing. We’re almost at the section of the game where things should take a dramatic turn, or better or worse. We just have to get through two more evictions.

This Big Brother 23 week Christian Birkenberger holds all the power. Not only is he the current Head of Household but he also won this week’s Power of Veto Competition. This means that Christian has a major impact on this week and he’s showing his potential competition beast cards. These two wins have painted a big red x on Christian’s back, but for now, he’s safe. 

Instead, this week is all about Hannah Chaddha and Whitney Williams as Christian’s nominees. Because Christian nominated them, it’s very unlikely that he uses the Veto this week. Instead, he’ll like Whitney and Hannah battle it out with their campaigning to stay in the Big Brother 23 game.

So what happened at today’s Power of Veto Ceremony? Read below to find out!



Christian did not use the Veto. Hannah and Whitney remain on the block.

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