Big Brother 23 Spoilers: Week 4 Block Nominations (07/30/21)

The general agreement going into this week’s Big Brother Head of Household competition was that either Alyssa Lopez and Christian Birkenberger would be the target or Whitney Williams would be the target. The Kings once again won safety, which meant that Alyssa and Christian were no longer options as players to evict this Big Brother 23 week. 

Big Brother 20 Nominations

This left a giant target on Whitney’s back, but Alyssa and Christian saw an even bigger and better target with Hannah Chaddha. Even other King member Sarah Beth Steagall was on board to get Hannah out. Xavier Prather was the only one fighting to keep Hannah safe.

Hannah is a member of the Cookout alliance, so he and fellow Cookout members want to keep all of them until the final six. The whole get Whitney out plan also may experience a major wrench if Whitney won this week’s Wildcard Competition.. There were a lot of variables that could go wrong.

If Xavier wanted to keep the Cookout safe and a secret from the Kings, then he would have a lot of maneuvering to do.



Christian nominate Hannah and Whitney for eviction. 


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