Big Brother 24 Episode 20 Recap: The Snitch Hits The Block

The craziest twist in Big Brother history is in full swing, inside and outside of the Big Brother 24 house. Two simultaneous games are being played with two separate Heads of Household. Michael Bruner and his houseguests are inside living the VIP life with Big Brochella, while HOH Terrance Higgins and his crew are roughing it at Dyre Fest in the backyard.


Michael previously put Monte Taylor and Jasmine Davis on the block, and Terrance put Matt Turner and Joseph Abdin on his block for eviction. Michael was targeting Jasmine while Terrance was targeting Joseph. Tonight, two Power of Veto competitions will be played. Will the nominations stay the same? Let’s find out now.

Week 7 Block Nominations Aftermath

HOH Terrance has been very close with Turner, so when he was put on the block, Turner was more than shocked. The Dyre Fest game is currently upside down, thanks to Kyle spilling the beans about the Leftovers alliance to Terrance and Alyssa.

Terrance told Joseph that Kyle is his target this week when he is actually trying to evict Joseph. The problem with Terrance’s plan is that Joseph doesn’t believe a word that Terrance is telling him. He highly suspects that he is the number one target this week.

Over at Big Brochella, Monte is aligned with Michael, but he did offer to be a pawn this week. If Jasmine wins the POV, Michael and his BFF, Brittany Hoopes, may consider targeting Monte. He is in the Leftovers alliance, but he is a significant threat to be taken out of the Big Brother 24 game. That would be nice for Michael to put on his resumè for the jury. His double HOH victories and four POVs are already a good start for his potential speech to the jury.

Week 7 Power of Veto Competition At Big Brochella

Tiffany Mitchell, America’s Favorite Houseguest from Big Brother 23 and a member of the notorious cookout alliance, is back to host this competition called 1,2,3 V.I.P. This is the infamous counting competition known to super fans of Big Brother.

Each houseguest will have to guess the number of items shown to them. The winner of each round will receive a letter, and the first houseguest to spell out VIP wins the golden power of veto. Let the games begin.

In round one, Taylor was eliminated from the competition, and Brittany received a letter. In the next round, Brittany got her second letter. Michael received his first letter in round three, and Monte was eliminated. In the fourth round, Michael got his second letter. in the fifth round, Brittany won the golden POV.

Almost immediately, Jasmine approached Brittany and asked if she would use the POV on her to take Jasmine off the block. Brittany certainly will not be taking Jasmine off the block when her BFF is the HOH. Nice try, Jasmine.

Week 7 Power of Veto Competition at Dyre Fest

A small parachute drops the instructions for the POV competition called Lunch is Served. In this competition, the houseguests must transfer stacked styrofoam food containers across the yard to various posts. The first houseguest to transfer 50 containers will win the POV. If they drop any containers on the route, they must bring all the containers back from that trip and start over. Let’s get started.

Terrance was quite good at transferring his containers and won the golden power this week. He can keep the nominations the same or go after a new target. Chances are he will keep the nominations the same this time around.


Joseph approached Kyle and tried to talk him into backing him up with a pitch to Terrance. Joseph wants Terrance to use the POV on him and put Alyssa on the block to break up the showmance this week. Kyle isn’t having any part of it.

While speaking with Terrance about the nominations, Joe was told that Kyle had given up all the info about the Leftovers. Joseph was heartbroken, betrayed, and felt like a fool. Terrance just wants to keep stirring the pot between Kyle and Joe.

Week 7 Power of Veto Meetings

At Big Brochella, the golden Power of Veto was not used this week. The current nominations will stay the same, which are Jasmine and Monte. Michael admitted that either nomination could go home. It’s a toss-up right now.

At Dyre Fest, Terrance decided to use his power and took Turner off the block. In his place, Kyle was put on the block for possible eviction. It seems either nomination could go home at Dyre Fest as well.

Join us tomorrow, August 25, at 9 PM EST for the live double eviction like never before. See you soon!

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