Big Brother 24 Episode 18 Recap: Craziest Twist In BB History Begins

Taylor Hale has finally turned her Big Brother 24 game around and is the current Head of Household. This week, she initially nominated Terrance Higgins and Indy Santos to the block for eviction. Terrance was her target.

BB24 Kyle Capener

After some heavy persuading by her alliance, the Leftover, Taylor decided to target Indy, the more significant threat, instead of Terrance. During the prizes and punishment Power of Veto competition, Alyssa Snider foolishly took Taylor’s London trip from her in exchange for a punishment. With the POV ceremony coming up, will Taylor seek revenge on Alyssa?

Week Six Power of Veto Competition Aftermath

Not all of the members of the Leftovers are in favor of targeting Alyssa this week for eviction. One member, Michael Bruner, thinks evicting Alyssa is a bad move for his game. As a result, Michael approached Kyle Capener to discuss the events.

Kyle and Alyssa are in a showmance together, and he is also in the Leftovers alliance. Kyle does not want to backdoor his showmance partner in the Big Brother game. Things are currently chaotic with the Leftovers regarding who needs to be targeted for eviction this week.

Punishments from the POV competition were handed out, and in true Big Brother favor, they were awesome. Indy received the Punkitard punishment. She had to wear a special costume and perform a punk concert on command, 24 hours a day. Needless to say, the Big Brother house was not very pleased with Indy and her punishment.

Big Brother 24 Indy Santos

Week 6 Power of Veto Ceremony

Kyle won the golden POV this week and holds the power regarding who are the final houseguests sitting on the block this week in the Big Brother 24 house. Kyle can go with his alliance and use the POV to pull down Indy, or he can choose to keep the same nominations.

At the POV Ceremony, Kyle decided not to use the veto power. The nominations will stay the same. Taylor pretended to be very upset with Kyle when he didn’t use the veto.

Terrance got the Inked punishment in the POV competition. He will have to put on and wear 182 temporary tattoos in the Big Brother 24 house. Once they were all put on, Terrance was completely covered in tats.

Taylor received the Skid & Fancy punishment in the POV competition. She had to choose one houseguest to be tied to for the next 48 hours. As would be expected, she chose to be tied up with Joseph Abdin. They both had to wear punk rocker costumes and speak in accents during the punishment.

Week 6 Live Eviction Vote

The time has finally arrived for the live eviction vote in the Big Brother 24 house. The votes were as follows:

Monte Davis voted to evict Indy
Michael voted to evict Terrance
Joseph voted to evict Indy
Jasmine voted to evict Indy
Alyssa voted to evict Indy
Brittany Hoopes voted to evict Indy
Matt Turner voted to evict Indy
Kyle voted to evict Indy

With a final vote of 7 to 1, Indy was evicted from the Big Brother 24 house, and she is the first member of the jury. During her exit interview with host Julie Chen Moonves, Indy admitted she was very surprised she was evicted by so many of her fellow houseguests. She felt like she picked the wrong people to surround herself within the game.

BB24 Indy Santos

Big Brother 24 Twist Announced

Julie Chen gathered all of the houseguests in the living room to announce the latest Big Brother 24 twist. This is a twist that has never occurred in the game’s history. This will be a week of Big Brother unlike any other before.

This is called the Split House Twist, and here’s how it works. There will be two completely separate games of Big Brother being played simultaneously.

This twist begins with two HOHs crowned this evening. One HOH will live inside the Big Brother house with 4 houseguests and will be called Big Brochella. The other HOH will live outside at Dire Fest in the backyard with the remaining 4 houseguests all week long.

The two groups of 5 will have no contact with one another for the entire week. Big Brochella and Dire Fest will have their own block nominations, veto competition, veto meeting, and vote and eviction.

Let’s break this down. In each group of 5 houseguests, one will be HOH, two will be block nominees, and the other two will be voting for the evicted houseguest. One houseguest will be evicted from Big Brochella, and another houseguest will be evicted from Dire Fest. That means there will be a double eviction next week where both houseguests will be sent to the jury.

Week 7 Head of Household Competition

This HOH competition is called Do You See The VIP? Two at a time, houseguests will face off against one another. They will be shown 3 different images of festival crowds. In each image, a former houseguest will hold a sign that reads VIP. They must identify the section of the picture where the houseguest is holding the VIP sign.

The first to buzz in with the correct answer will stay in the game. Their opponent will be eliminated. If you answer incorrectly, your opponent will stay in the game. If both houseguests answer incorrectly, both will be eliminated from the game.

The winner of this competition will be the HOH of Big Brochella inside the house. The runner-up will become the HOH of DIre Fest, living outside of the Big Brother house all week.

Michael won the competition, and Terrance was the runner-up. Michael will be the HOH of Big Brochella, and Terrance will be the HOH of Dire Fest. Each HOH will pick their houseguests using schoolyard picks.

Join us on Sunday, August 20 at 8 PM EST to see which houseguest lives with which HOH.

Big Brother 24 with Julie Chen

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