Big Brother 24 Spoilers: What To Expect With Tonight’s Eviction And Twist

Taylor Hale’s Big Brother 24 Head of Household reign feels like it’s been going on for 50 years. Tonight it comes to an end. It ends in a big way by leading into the latest twist. This twist splits the house into two sides, which results in next week’s Double Eviction. For a week, the houseguests have to operate as two separate houses without interacting with the other side. This is a tough week for quite a few Big Brother 24 players.

Big Brother 24-Indy, Jasmine, Brittany, and Alyssa

For several weeks, the Leftovers have been dominating the game. This week will make it seven Leftovers versus three non-Leftovers. The Leftovers could ride it out by getting out all non-Leftovers, but multiple players have different agendas that could likely result in at least two of the three non-Leftovers making it further in the game. 

Kyle Capener wants to keep his showmance partner Alyssa Snider around as long as possible. This means taking a shot at the Leftovers before going after her. Michael Bruner and Brittany Hoopes know that they need to try to remain in the middle of the Leftovers but start to take out some of the bigger players, such as Monte Taylor and Joseph Abdin.

Joseph has been expertly playing a dominant double agent game, but this activity has put him on Kyle, Michael, and Brittany’s radars. He needs to strike at them before they strike first. Things are been put in motion for a very interesting week. However, before that. They have one eviction before all the drama begins. 

Indy Santos and Terrance Higgins are both on the block. After getting Alyssa out became a 0 percent chance thing, the house has been pretty set on taking out Indy over Terrance. That hasn’t changed. What has caused some drama is who will and won’t vote for indy this week.

Being close to indy, Alyssa wants to vote Terrance out, but she knows that could harm her game because she may not be voting with the majority of the house. Jasmine Davis would also like to vote for Indy, but only if she knows they have the votes to keep her. Michael and Joseph both want to give Indy votes. 

Big Brother 24-Indy and Brittany

Both are basically doing it to cover up for the fact that they’re not really her allies and work on their jury management. After some late-night discussion, it came down to not letting the house end in a tie with Taylor casting the tiebreaker.

It is still a little unclear where the votes will fall tonight, but the majority will cast their votes for Indy to go. Indy will likely be the first member of the Big Brother jury. 

Once the house splits, anything could happen. Players like Kyle and Michael could use this split to try to strike against the Leftovers, or they may fear the repercussions of not being able to communicate with the other members, so play it safe by just working to get out a non-Leftovers person.

Additionally, with only four players playing in one Head of Household Competition, and five in another, then the chances of a non-Leftovers member becoming Head of Household increases, especially if one side has more non-Leftovers than another side.

There is also the rare possibility that five Leftovers end up on one side. This would mean that they would automatically have to take out one of their alliance members. If this happens, the other side also may result in a Leftovers member leaving because it’ll be three to two on the other side. There are so many possibilities for tonight’s 2-hour Big Brother 24 episode and the week ahead. 

We can’t wait to see it all play out.

Join us tonight for another Big Brother 24 recap.

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