Big Brother 24 Live Feeds: Are The Leftovers Expired?

There comes a time in every Big Brother alliance when the members must decide whether the alliance is best for their individual game. Several members of the Big Brother 24 Leftovers now face that dilemma. It all started way back when Kyle Capener decided to fully embrace his attraction to Alyssa Snider.

Big Brother 24-Kyle Capener

While he was continuing to fight his feelings, he kept telling the Leftovers that when the time was right, he would have no problem taking out Alyssa. Current Head of Household Taylor Hale thought this week was the right time. After Alyssa said “okay that’s enough” after Kyle hugged Taylor while Taylor cried about her HOH win, and when Alyssa took a prize in the Veto Competition, these all signaled red flags for Taylor.

Brittany Hoopes, Monte Taylor, and Joseph Abdin—to a lesser degree—were in her ears about Alyssa needing to go this week, Taylor was full speed ahead to take out Alyssa as the replacement nominee. The only problem was that Kyle held the Power of Veto.

Kyle painted a pretty picture of him being this laser-focused on the game player. In reality, like many of the Big Brother 24 players, he is quite an emotional player. Alyssa owns his heart. Therefore, he had no intentions of truly taking her out this week.

Things became more complicated for Kyle when the night prior he and Alyssa had sex for the first time. This meant that he didn’t want to look terrible by having sex with her and then actively being a part of her game demise this week.

Big Brother 24 Leftovers Meeting

Taylor and Kyle talk to a lot of the Leftovers members before they actually meet face-to-face. Michael Bruner and Brittany play a huge part in this Alyssa goes or stays discussion. They tell Taylor they’re all on board to get Alyssa out, but tell Kyle that they want to keep her.

They try to play the middle within their alliance in a way that could hurt them. After many discussions, Kyle and Taylor finally meet. Taylor lays out why she wants Alyssa gone this week. She explains that it’s not for petty reasons.

Instead, Alyssa’s actions have shown her that Alyssa feels too comfortable in the game. This likely means that Alyssa will start to skate on by because she’s too likable for others to make a move against her. Alyssa’s actions this week give her an excuse to take her out.

This also makes it easy for Kyle because he can claim to be oblivious to Taylor’s decision.

Kyle says that sounds great on paper but he doesn’t see why she has to go this week. He also makes it clear that he doesn’t think Alyssa is much of a threat, physically or socially. They can wait until a different week to get her out. He also says nominees Terrance Higgins and Indy Santos are two of the players he feels the worst about in this game. He doesn’t want to help them stay, knowing that one voted against him last week and another would never help him in the game.

Taylor brings up that if he doesn’t use the Veto, it makes it clear that he’s not working with that side. He says it’s fine. He says he wants out of the double agent role anyway. That’s something Joseph is better at than him.

Big Brother 24-Indy Santos

He also tells Taylor that he can take the heat of this decision. Taylor can keep up the narrative that she wants Monte out, but he goes rogue by not using the Veto. Kyle also makes it seem as if from his private conversations with other Leftovers members, most of them felt neutral about taking out Alyssa.

He even tells Taylor that Michael, Brittany, and Matt Turner want Alyssa to stay and Indy to go. This shocks Taylor because Brittany and Michael told her the opposite. Kyle is surprised by this as well. Taylor reasons that Michael and Brittany are just being fair by examining both sides of the argument.

The Leftovers make several attempts to have meetings. Joseph, Monte, and Taylor tell Kyle they’re fine with his decision, but subtly try to get him to see how Alyssa should go this week. He doesn’t listen.

Instead, he offers counterpoint’s to their arguments. He makes it pretty clear that he refuses to use the Veto this week. He can’t let Alyssa go.

Big Brother 24-Michael Bruner

Kyle later tries to plant seeds with Indy and Jasmine Davis that he may not use the Veto out of fear that Alyssa goes up. He explains his reasoning behind this fear, but Jasmine and Indy believe that he’s making the wrong assumptions.

They don’t think Taylor would do that, especially after giving her word to them and constantly talking about taking out Monte. Eventually, Indy and Jasmine talk to Taylor about Kyle’s fears. Indy worries he won’t use the Veto to save her.

Taylor lies by saying she’s confused by this development. She says she will talk to him to give him reassurance that the plan is still to take out a bigger target. Eventually, the Leftovers have a meeting with all members where they just agree (for Kyle’s benefit) to not use the Veto.

Big Brother 24-Tayor hale

Before and after this meeting, there are a few more separate meetings among members. In one, Turner says the issue isn’t whether Indy or Alyssa should go this week, it’s that Taylor refuses to take out Jasmine, who he feels is the best option because of her influence on the other side.

Monte tells Brittany, Michael, and Taylor his concerns about Kyle now. He says Kyle is making emotional decisions because of his feelings for Alyssa. Taylor voices her frustration to Brittany and Michael about Kyle fighting so hard for Alyssa.

She feels that this decision could come back to hurt the Leftovers.

Kyle keeping Alyssa is definitely best for him but may have hurt his long-term game. He now has the Leftovers questioning him, and Indy, Jasmine, and Terrance will be mad at him when he doesn’t use the Veto. Michael and Brittany also may find themselves as the focus soon if they continue to try to play the middle with Kyle and Taylor.

Joseph, Taylor, and Monte may need to worry about Kyle, Brittany, Alyssa, and Michael joining forces to take them out. Turner is the key to whichever side of the Leftovers is able to dominate.

With this new twist coming Thursday, things get even messier, especially if the Leftovers use this split to try to take shots within their alliance, which is the most likely outcome going into next week.

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