Big Brother 24 Power of Veto Week 6 Ceremony Results (08/15/22)

It took a long road but the Big Brother 24 Leftovers finally came to a decision about the Veto. At the start of the week, Head of Household Taylor Hale wanted Terrance Higgins out this week. Then it switched to Indy Santos. Finally, it settled on Alyssa Snider being the target. The only problem with that is Alyssa’s number one fan, Kyle Capener won the Power of Veto Competition. This means he held his showmance’s fate in his hands.

Big Brother 24 Power of Veto Ceremony

Kyle was not ready or willing to eliminate his showmance this week. He may, likely, never be ready to send her packing. Luckily for him, he held the power to keep her safe. After a lot of discussions, Kyle got the Leftovers to agree to let the nominations stay the same. This means that going into this week’s Big Brother 24 Power of Veto Ceremony, Kyle would ruffle a few feathers by keeping nominations the same.

Kyle knew this but still wanted to do whatever it took to protect Alyssa. This could hurt his game or fuel him to protect his showmance at all costs.



Kyle did not use the Veto. Terrance and Indy remain on the block. 

Right now, Indy is the most likely to go to the jury. However, Joseph may try to save her because she’s better for his game. Kyle could also switch tactics and try to get out Terrance if he wants to try to take an indirect shot at Taylor, who benefits more from Indy leaving than she does if Terrance leaves. We’ll have to see how this week plays out because there could definitely be a shifting of target by eviction night.

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