Big Brother 24 Live Feeds: Alyssa Becomes The Target

What a difference a day makes in the Big Brother 24 house. The week started with Head of Household Taylor Hale wanting Indy Santos or Terrance Higgins out the game. Now it may end with both of Taylor’s former Festie Bestie’s on the block.

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As you may recall, on Friday, Joseph Abdin proposed a plan where Taylor nominated him to throw the other side off their alliance scent and create some drama. The plan was not the smartest because Leftovers members were already considering using this nomination to take out Joseph. This week’s Big Brother 24 Power of Veto Competition shook up things in more way than one.

This week’s Power of Veto Competition involved houseguests getting prizes and punishments. After each round, one Power of Veto player was eliminated and must pick a box that either contained a prize or punishment. The prizes and punishments were as followed:

  • Kyle Capener  won the Power of Veto.
  • Jasmine Davis won a trip to London.
  • Indy won a punk rock unitard and has to do a concert when called upon.
  • Terrance won 182 (temporary) tattoos.
  • Alyssa Snider won $5,000.
  • Taylor won 48-hours chained to a houseguest.

Originally, Taylor had the London trip prize, but Alyssa chose to swap her 48-hour punishment with Taylor to take the trip. Eventually, Jasmine switched with Alyssa for the trip. Alyssa’s decision may be a game destroying move.

After the Veto Competition, Joseph wasn’t feeling as confident about his suggestion that he go on the block. During an HOH room conversation, a comment Alyssa made after Taylor won HOH and became emotional was revealed to Taylor. Alyssa allegedly said “that’s enough” while Taylor hugged and celebrated her win with Kyle, and Alyssa didn’t seem enthusiastic about Taylor being the HO.

The Leftovers members, specifically Brittany Hoopes and Monte Taylor, used this opportunity to really feed into the anger and hurt Taylor felt about Alyssa’s comment and actions in the Veto Competition. This led to Taylor completely abandoning the idea of putting up Joseph and now considering taking out Alyssa.

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The only hesitation with this plan is that Kyle won’t be on board with using the Veto to help take out his showmance. The Leftovers came up with scenarios on how Kyle can use it snd pretend to be oblivious when Taylor nominates Alyssa, but Kyle isn’t as comfortable with taking out Alyssa as he once claimed.

On Sunday,The Leftovers plan to have a meeting to convince Kyle to use the Veto so that they can remove Alyssa from the game. This will be a big moment for Kyle because it will force him to make a decision: save his showmance and cut ties with his alliance or drop his showmances and commit to the Leftovers for a few more weeks?

As of now, either on Monday Alyssa goes on the block as the intended target or nominations stay the same and Indy remains the target.

What do you think Kyle should do this week?

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