Big Brother 22 Spoilers Week 8 Power of Veto Competition Results (09/26/20)

In order for anything noteworthy to happen this Big Brother 22 week, David Alexander or Kevin Campbell need to win the Power of Veto Competition. Cody Calafiore plans to play it safe by just getting Kevin out this week. If any of the Committee or Enzo Palumbo win the Power of Veto, things will go as expected. If Kevin stays on the block, he’s likely to go next to anyone, but if a bigger more tempting target sits next to him, then the vote could shift.

Right now, the talk is of getting Christmas Abbott out if Kevin wins safety. The discussion may flip and flop if Christmas gets on the block and sits next to either David or Kevin on Thursday night, but at least if someone besides Kevin or David are on the block, we’ll see the possibility of a vote change.

On Thursday, host Julie Chen-Moonves announced that this week’s Power of Veto competition will be the OTEV one. OTEV is a little bit hard to predict because it depends on luck, speed, and knowing the correct answers to Big Brother trivia.  Enzo and Tyler Crispen are the only current houseguests that won OTEV during their original seasons, so if either of them are picked to play in the Veto competition, then they have the best odds for repeat wins. And as luck had it, Enzo and Tyler were picked to play along with Nicole Franzel,  Cody,  Kevin, and David.

So who won this week’s  OTEV Veto Competition?



Cody won the Power of Veto! Cody will not likely not use the Veto.

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