Who Won Head of Household Tonight Big Brother All-Stars? (9/27/20)

Last week, we watched as Big Brother legend, Da’Vonne Rogers was evicted from the house under Head of Household Memphis Garrett. This was Memphis’ second HOH competition win, and an entire season (7 weeks) of wins for the house majority alliance, the Committee. The only partial exception could be week four when Enzo Palumbo won HOH. He is not an official member of the main alliance, but he has side deals with more than one of the Committee members.

Big Brother All-Stars HOH

Tonight, we will watch as the eighth Head of Household is crowned. The only houseguests on the outside looking in this week are David Alexander and Kevin Campbell. Unless one of those two wins the HOH tonight, we will have the same power play we have had since the beginning of the season, and we will most likely see them on the block for eviction as there is no one else to choose from at this point.

Week Seven Eviction Aftermath

Dani Donato and Nicole Frenzel each threw some last-minute love to Day by voting to keep her on the Big Brother house. Those were the only two votes Day received. Ironically, Both Dani and Nicole are now denying to one another that they cast a vote to keep Day. There are obvious trust issues between the two of them.

Big Brother Basement Power Played One Last Time

Dani still holds one of the BB Basement powers, the Replay. If she gave her power to Memphis, he could play on the HOH competition again this week even though he would normally be banned from doing so. This is because he is coming off of an HOH win from the previous week. No back-to-back HOH wins allowed in the Big Brother house…unless.

Big Brother All-Stars Nicole & Dani

Nicole asked Dani to use her power to allow Memphis to compete in the HOH comp. In doing so, this helps Nicole’s game because it will decrease Kevin’s chance to win. Nicole knows Kevin will nominate her to the block if he won HOH. Dani wants to use the power, but she wants to spin it so her alliance thinks she is doing it just to help all of them.

Dani did enact the BB Basement power so Memphis will be playing in the HOH competition tonight. He is not pleased with the situation. He would have preferred to “blend into the carpet” this week. Now, he must play, but that doesn’t mean he has to win.

Dr. Will Kirby Next Door Neighbor Twist

Season 2 Big Brother winner, Dr. Will Kirby, made a visit to the current houseguests. He explained to the houseguests that they will have a choice in the next Head of Household and Power of Veto competitions between power and money.

Week Eight Head of Household Competition

This week’s competition is called Going for the Green. The players will be given three balls to putt down the green. They can putt all three or putt one or two if they land in an optimal spot on their first attempt. The green is divided into two sides, the power side (winner gets HOH) and the prize side (winner gets $10,000). Players will aim at the lowest number on the green to win.

With three balls allowed for each player, a single player could technically win the prize and HOH. They chose which side to putt on and they can choose to putt on both sides. Players will putt privately, so no one knows who won what until the end.

Big Brother All-Stars HOH

Dani and Tyler Crispen tied for the cash prize of $10,000. They will be splitting the prize money. Each scored a 3. Cody Calafiore won the HOH this week with a score of 2. No one knows who won the prize money, and it seems no one is willing to share that information with the group either.

Cody and Enzo did some game talking, and Enzo revealed to Cody that Memphis created two different alliances called the Wise Guys. Cody was totally unaware that Memphis created a three-person alliance with himself, Enzo, and Christmas Abbott called the Wise Guys. Cody, Enzo, and Memphis were already in a three-person alliance called the Wise Guys.

Cody spoke with Nicole and said he wants to evict Kevin this week. If that plan doesn’t work, then he wants to go after Christmas. Nicole told Cody that he is doing Dani’s dirty work. Cody said he is doing what is best for his own game, and he is not considering what is best for Dani.

Kevin and Cody had a private conversation that imploded into a huge fight between them. Things are not looking so good for Kevin and his chances of staying off the block again this week. If he is nominated for eviction, this will be his fifth nomination to the block this season.

Week Eight Block Nomination Ceremony

At the nomination ceremony, Cody nominated Kevin and David to the block for eviction. Join us again this Wednesday, September 30 at 8 PM EST/ 7 PM CST for the Power of Veto competition. Also, the following evening, Thursday, October 1, join us for the TRIPLE eviction night inside the Big Brother house.

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