Who Should Win Big Brother 24? [POLL]

Now that we know who will be facing off in part three of the final Big Brother 24 Head of Household Competition, it’s time to let us know who you think should win Big Brother 24. We already talked about Monte Taylor’s game, then we discussed Matt Turner’s game, and finally, we looked at Taylor Hale’s game. 

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None of them dominated the season with strategy and gameplay. However, each played a unique game that would make any of them a deserving winner. Big Brother juries are hard to predict and this year’s jury may be one of the hardest of all to guess about their votes.

The jury has a reason to root for and against each of the remaining final three. Therefore, it could be anyone’s game. Will they reward big moves? Competition wins? Social skills? Could they say who cares? And just vote whoever they like best? We’ll have to wait until Sunday’s Big Brother 24 finale to find out.

Later, I will discuss who we believe will win based on what we know so far about the jury, possible final two scenarios, and etc. For now, I want to know who you think should win Big Brother 24?  Let us know in the comment section and by voting in the poll below.


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