Who Won Part 2 of the Final Head of Household Comp (09/23/22)?

We are only two short days away from the Big Brother 24 finale. On Sunday, we’ll know whether Taylor Hale, Monte Taylor, or Matt Turner will walk away with the title and $750,000. There are only two major competitions standing in their way.

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One of those competitions played out today. Yesterday, we found out that Matt Turner had won the first part of the final HOH.  This left Monte and Taylor to face off in the second part.  Usually, part 2 of the final Head of Household Competition combines memory and some sort of physical performance.

This should make it an equal playing field for Monte and Taylor because they have both performed well in both physical and mental competitions. It could really go to either of them.

Turner is likely to take Monte to the final two if he wins part 3. However, it’s still unclear whether Monte and Taylor will take each other or Turner to the final two. Taylor needs one final big move to make her chances of winning the game greater, so she may need this victory a little more than Monte.

Nevertheless, Monte knows that he probably also needs to secure his own place in the final two, and the best way to do that is by winning this part of the final HOH and taking on Turner in the final part of the HOH Competition.

So who is the second part of the final Head of Household Competition and will face Turner on finale night?  Read below to find out.



Monte won part 2 of the final Head of Household. Monte faces off against Turner in part 3. 

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