Why Matt Turner Deserves to Win Big Brother 24

It’s time to discuss Matt Turner’s Big Brother 24 game. We already touched upon Monte Taylor’s game, and Taylor Hale’s game will be discussed tomorrow. Turner has definitely been a big presence in the Big Brother game. Many people inside and outside the house underestimated him pre-season and in the first couple of weeks of the game. However, Turner has shown himself to be the most adaptable player all season.

Big Brother 24-Matt Turner

Big Brother 24 started off with him being blindsided by Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli being evicted. He was told prior to Pooch’s eviction and voted him out. However, most of the week, he had no clue about it. Because Pooch and Turner were so glued to each other, he seemed like the next to go.

However, the Big Brother gods were on Turner’s side, because he won the following Head of Household Competition. This allowed him to not be evicted next and to totally turn the game on its head. The Leftovers were formed that week and Turner took a shot at the Girls Girls/Old Skool by taking out Ameerah Jones

After Ameerah’s eviction, Turner was able to ride the Leftovers wave until Dyre Fest and Brochella. Dyre Fest put Turner in real danger for the first time. He had to pick between Joseph Abdin and Kyle Capener. He picked Kyle.

Once again, Turner faced danger but won a crucial Head of Household to keep himself safe. This could have also been the HOH to turn the tides in favor of the newly formed Afterparty. Turner planned to take a shot at Veto King Michael Bruner, but as expected, Michael won the Veto.

Big Brother Matt Turner

Turner had to adapt once again by listening to Michael and Brittany Hoopes, and doing what seemed like the morally right thing to do by nominating his final two Kyle. During that week, Turner also got closer with Monte Taylor forming a new final two and dangerous duo.

Later, Turner once again won Head of Household and finally got to slay the comp beast, Michael. After Monte won HOH the following week, Turner once again had to adapt and take out his bestie Alyssa Snider over his sometime friend Taylor. 

He did this to show loyalty to Monte. In hindsight, it was probably the right move because Monte won the final Veto and decided to take Brittany out over him. If Turner betrayed him by evicting Taylor, then he could be the one that went out in fourth place. 

On paper, Turner’s Big Brother 24 resume looks impressive. However, it has a lot of asterisks on it. Turner only formed the Leftovers because he was HOH and Kyle and Joseph decided to get him involved to flip the house against Ameerah.

Big Brother 24-Matt Turner

Turner was hesitant about making the move, but with some encouragement he did it. If anything, this move is more credited to Joseph or Kyle for seeing Ameerah as a threat and taking the actions to get her out. 

Turner took out Kyle but only after being pressured to do so by Michael. He took out Michael but only after Monte told him they had to make this move. Turner also managed to betray nearly everyone he was close with, including Joseph, Kyle, and Alyssa. He didn’t even give Pooch a sympathy vote.

People may respect Turner’s ruthless gameplay more if it was all his own decisions. However, he was heavily influenced by other players the entire game. It’s hard to say how Turner would have played if he just did everything his way. 

Nevertheless, Turner had enough game sense to know to listen and follow when necessary. He also still gets the credit for taking out Kyle, Ameerah, and Michael because even though he was influenced, he still made some of the biggest game moves of the season.

Big Brother 24-Matt Turner

Like Monte, Turner has not done a great job of jury management. He’s definitely had the worst jury management of the final three. He made a life-long enemy out of Jasmine Davis. He betrayed Joseph, Kyle, and Alyssa. Turner also did nothing to try to win Brittany or Michael’s votes. Turner would have to give some great speeches and answer the questions really well, because the jury may need a lot of swaying to pick him over Monte or Taylor.

As already stated, on paper, Turner played the best game. He got into the dominant alliance and helped be one of the reasons it formed. He adapted all throughout the game. Turner took out three major players–all of them could have definitely won the game if Turner didn’t take them out. However, like players that came before him, his jury management left a lot to be desired. 

Jury management matters and Turner didn’t do a good job at it. He also can’t completely claim that any of his big moves were of his own doing, which could hurt him, but as said, they were still his moves. 

Big Brother Matt Turner

Do you think Turner’s jury management will come back to haunt him? Let us know in the comment section.

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