Big Brother 24 Spoilers: Will Pooch Be Evicted This Week?

As you may have heard: There is no new Big Brother 24 episode until Sunday night. This means that we (probably) won’t know if Joe “Pooch” Pucciarelli or Taylor Hales left the Big Brother game on Thursday night. If the Big Brother 24 Live Feeds return after the episode, then we’ll get confirmation. However, likely, CBS won’t turn on the feeds until after Sunday’s two-hour special episode.

Big Brother 24-Pooch

Fortunately for Big Brother 24 fans, the house has been pretty set on who to evict this week.  Wednesday’s Big Brother 24 episode showed that Pooch was in major danger going into the live eviction. Taylor went from enemy number 1 for most of the house to having her target shrink as the days pass. It’s almost guaranteed at this point that Pooch is leaving on Thursday.

Of course, there is still a lot of time between now and tomorrow’s eviction. There is always a chance that the house can have a late-game decision and flip to voting out Taylor. Monte Taylor has been trying for most of the week (but has now stopped his campaigning) to save Pooch. However, the Big Brother 24 house hasn’t been listening to his attempts.

Big Brother 24 Taylor and Pooch

They’re set on voting out Pooch. This means that something big would have to happen to change their minds. We hope that we’ll get some confirmation on whether Pooch or Taylor leaves the game before Sunday’s episode. However, if not, you should anticipate a Pooch eviction on Sunday’s episode.

Who do you want to leave the Big Brother 24 house this week?

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