Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 31: Cliff takes a Shot at the Six Shooters

It was a day full of gaming, yes a day full of gaming. The peace in the Big Brother house has been disrupted and Gr8ful is dead. Now Head of Household Cliff Hogg III, the Six Shooters, and the trio of Sam Smith, Isabella Wang, and Nick Maccarone are trying to figure out how to navigate this Big Brother 21 game reset.

Cliff had a bunch of individual talks to see who people were with in the game, and what options worked best for him. He made it no secret (to anyone) that he planned to take a shot at the Six Shooters, especially Jack Matthews. He just wasn’t sure the best route to take out Jack or one of the Six Shooters.

Sam, Bella, and Nick were excited about the plan to take out one of the Six Shooters, and they said they planned to take out one of them as well. They wanted to win Head of Household next week and take a big shot at the Six Shooters. During Sam and Cliff’s game talk, Sam proposed that Cliff leave Tommy Bracco and Christie Murphy out of the firing line this week and try to pull them in as a number. Cliff wasn’t sure about that because he knew Christie and Tommy had a lot of influence in the Six Shooters.

Of the Six Shooters, Cliff felt most comfortable with Holly Allen and Jackson Michie. He didn’t plan to nominate Holly in any scenario, but he would nominate Jackson if necessary, but didn’t want Jackson to go home. Jackson also volunteered to be a pawn, which made Cliff’s nominations a little easier.

Holly and Jackson weren’t in total agreement this week, as the stress of not being in control seemed to be getting to Holly. She complained about Jackson not including her in game talks and them having to rely on Kathryn Dunn to stay safe. While Bella, Nick, and Sam were team get out the Six Shooters, the Six Shooters were team Nick and Bella are bullies, get one of them out.

They told Cliff that he would gain their support if he took the shot at them, but Cliff definitely didn’t want to target them. However, he said if Christie used her power to take one of them out, then that was no blood on his hands, and he wouldn’t be against it. By the end of the day, the entire house learned of Christie’s powers. The Six Shooters were sure and hoping that Christie would use her power to help them all stay safe this week.

However, she told Sam that she wasn’t going to waste her power on one of them when she felt disposable to the two couples. She wanted to keep it for when she or Tommy really needed it. Cliff also let Nicole Anthony know that he understood her frustrations with Nick and Bella, and he didn’t trust them, but it was best for his game to work with them, especially this week. She told him she understood. She would tell the Six Shooters that she tried to speak on their behalf, but Cliff didn’t seem receptive.

Camp Comeback is over, so that means the return of Have-Nots. Cliff selected Jackson, Kat, Tommy, and Nick to be Have-Nots for the week. They all volunteered for it.

After the nomination ceremony, the Six Shooters are devastated to see Jack and Jackson on the block. Tommy has the hardest time with it, and can’t stop crying. Later, Jess, Tommy, and Christie are alone talking. Christie admits that she doesn’t plan on using her power, especially because Jackson is trying to pressure her into using it. She said she would only use it to benefit her game.

Christie discussed if she did use the power, it would only be to save Jack. Jackson and Jack but agreed if the power got activated, they would nominate Sam. Meanwhile Christie thought Bella was the better option because she would be voted out but it would be a close vote with Sam.

Jack also decided to tell Jackson about his power and that he might use it today during today’s Veto draw.

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