Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Spoilers Day 30: The House Tries to Figure Out What Just Happened

The post-Big Brother 21 week 3 Live Eviction had plenty of chatting as Nick Maccarone and Isabella Wang tried to figure out who was really on their side, and who was against them. Cliff Hogg III also tried to figure out what exactly led to his eviction on Thursday.

The feeds opened on two major conversations, one between Jack Matthews and Bella where she continued to try to figure out what happened with the last minute vote change (at least that’s the story the Six Shooters were trying to sell Nick, Sam Smith, and Bella). Meanwhile, Nick expressed that he was hurt that Tommy Bracco and Analyse Talavera lied to him. He said he trusted and talked game with them the most. He could understand if they didn’t trust Bella, but he was confused why he got excluded.

They reassured him that it wasn’t about Bella. Tommy said it was just them as a trio was a little scary. Sam also expressed being disappointed about not being included in the vote. Christie Murphy said that they just feared that he would share too much information with Nick and Bella. He reassured her that was not the case.

Meanwhile, Tommy talked to Nicole Anthony and told her that there was a plan in motion. They wanted to work with her going forward, and would tell her more once they found out who won Head of Household. Jackson Michie was having none of this pretend to be nice to Nick and Bella stuff. He wanted them on the block and to be done with them. All of the Six Shooters agreed that the plan was still to nominate Nick and Bella, and to put up Sam if one of them came off. They couldn’t make it obvious though.

Jessica Milagros had a conversation with Nicole and Kathryn Dunn where she finally realized that the big alliance did exist and she was just a number when they needed it. She didn’t like that feeling, but wasn’t sure what to do about it at this point. Cliff also tried to find his new place in the game after being evicted.

He talked to Analyse with Christie around to explain that he didn’t want to target the couples, because it would just make him enemy number one. Instead, he wanted to just kind of sit back and let people take out each other, and then he could find his place in the game.

Following his HOH win, Cliff was riding high. Meanwhile Gr8ful was in full panic mode. Christie was sure she was hitting the block. However Jack was willing to die on his sword for her. Jackson wanted Nick and Bella out so bad that he was willing to go on the block to make it happen.

Cliff didn’t tell anyone his nom plans. He said he needed to sleep on it, but he said anyone who hit the block before didn’t have to worry about this week. We’ll probably hear his true plan for the week during HOH room Cliff Notes.

Christie also added one more name to her list of people who know about her power: Nicole. Christie told her about her power and she may tell Cliff about it to stay off the block.

Jackson pitched his plan to be a pawn in an effort to ensure Nick and Bella leave to Cliff. Christie also added another name to her long list of people who know about her power, Cliff.

Later, Cliff tells Jess and Kat that he has four possible targets, Jack, Christie, Tommy, and Analyse. He’s not happy that Jackson and Holly voted him out but he still trust them the most and could maybe still work with them. He also tried to start the conversation to get the six outsiders to work together.

Cliff wants to target the six but Christie and Jack will very likely use their powers this week to try to get out Nick, Sam, or Bella so should be an interesting week.

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