Big Brother 21 Final 3 Power Rankings-Who Has the Strongest End Game?

We have reached the final week of Big Brother 21. We have exhaustively dissected, analyzed, and ranked the 16 houseguests who competed for $500,000. Now, we’re down to final three, Holly Allen, Nicole Anthony, and Jackson Michie. Going into the final days, who has pushed ahead of the other two to take the top spot this week?

And will that top spot also equal Big Brother 21 winner? Let’s dive into our final Big Brother 21 Power Rankings.

3. Nicole Anthony

Unfortunately, at this point, it would take a colossal miracle for Nicole to stick around and have the chance to plead her case to the jury. She’s come such a long way but ultimately not winning parts one or two of the final Head of Household competition is what will do her in. We’ll never know if she had a shot to win the whole thing, but she’s had quite a journey and I, for one, have enjoyed the ride. Ultimately, perhaps not getting rid of Jackson or Holly during either the double eviction, or the final five, might be what did her in, but she’s got a lot to show for her summer–possibly even the America’s Favorite Player title. It’s been a fun ride and I wish her the best, but there’s almost no chance she could convince Holly or Jackson to turn on one another, although it might be in one of their best interests to do so.

2. Holly Allen

Big Brother 21 Holly Allen

It’s hard to say how the jury is going to feel. I think most of them can recognize that Jackson played a more aggressive game than Holly, but perhaps they may respect her stronger social game and ability to keep things from being personal. For a long time, I thought she was best positioned to win this game, but Jackson’s streak of competition wins and late game surge has made her chances seem less likely against him. For Holly, it might be an advantageous to take Nicole if she wins Head of Household.  I highly doubt she’d do it though,  and it’s possible she would lose to Nicole as well. But Holly has time and time again said she doesn’t want to be seen as just Jackson’s showmance. If she wins the final HOH competition, she has the chance to show this and it could be a bold enough move to win her the game. That said, I’m not convinced that she won’t beat Jackson anyways, because she’s certainly pissed less people off.

1. Jackson Michie

A few months ago, I’m not sure I ever thought I’d be saying that Jackson was the most likely winner of Big Brother 21 but here we are. He’s come on strong after a rocky beginning, and he and Holly have had full control over the game for almost six weeks. It’s actually astounding, and as much as he has his flaws, I can’t say he’s not deserving of a win. It’s really anyone’s guess how the jury is going to feel about awarding him the win, and I really think it could go either way. I think Jackson may need to admit his faults for some of the things that he has done, or else he may end up looking like Paul Abrahamian on finale night in Big Brother 19. Surely he’s already going in with somewhat of a disadvantage as Kathryn Dunn is almost certainly voting for her friend Holly. We’ll see how it all plays out tomorrow. I’m very much looking forward to it. I have a feeling he’ll not be too pleased to lose this game, even against his showmance.

And that’s all folks! Truly, it’s been a lot of fun covering this summer and I hope you’ve enjoyed it all as well. Have a great off-season and we’ll be back for Big Brother 22!

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