Man, when Big Brother kicks off, they really kick-off. The last 24-hours have had lots of gaming and drama going on. One major thing happening is that current Big Brother 22 Head of Household Cody Calafiore was planning to target Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Radha this week, but the Safety Suite gave them a second life. 

Janelle Pierzina on Big Brother 22

The alliances aren’t concrete but people are forming bonds left and right. Nicole Anthony has already found herself in good with many houseguests, especially Janelle and Kaysar. Late last night/early this morning, Janelle had a long conversation with Nicole, with occasional guest appearances by Kaysar.

The conversation was mainly game-related, but Janelle casually dropped little nuggets of information to Nicole about Nicole Franzel. Prior to the start of Big Brother 22, there was a major rumor that Nicole had prevented Dan Gheesling and Derrick Levasseur from appearing on this edition of Big Brother 2: All-Stars by ratting them out to production.

The rumor started when a Twitter account named DylanDoez claimed that he heard info. Then Derrick himself added some fuel to flames by retweeting the original quote and saying that he was indeed mad at Nicole.


Derrick and Dan later said that the rumors about Nicole getting them kicked off Big Brother for plotting and planning before the season was just that, a rumor. The rumor had died down, as it was a major topic of discussion on social media when it happened, but now Janelle talking about it has people wondering if it’s true.

The initial conversation began on camera 3 around 1:05 am BBT today. Around 1:10 am, Janelle, tells Nicole that she “heard from Dan that Derrick isn’t on this season because of Nicole, and she wasn’t sure if Cody knew this info.

It was a very long conversation that ended around 2:37 am, then Nicole had private feeds until about 2:57 am BBT.

Click the images to get a closer look at the screencaps. 

The conversation was an interesting one in general. It had Janelle’s impression of Nicole F (at 1:17 am), Nicole talking about her fellow Big Brother 21 houseguests (1:27 am), a discussion on Rachel Reilly (1:38 am), and Kaysar joining the conversation to show his pretty accurate read of the house (starts at 1:39 am).

Kaysar really showed that he (once again) has a pretty good reading on the house dynamics. He talked about Cody being a horrible liar, and how he’s clearly working with David Alexander, Tyler Crispen, and Nicole, with Enzo Palumbo also possibly being in that group.

Nicole F has been crying throughout the day, and Janelle, Kaysar, and Nicole A wondered if they were real or fake tears. They also discussed Cody going after who he thought was a strong pair, so Memphis Garrett and Keesha Smith might be his next targets since he can’t nominate Janelle and Kaysar. Janelle also revealed that she thought  Memphis and Keesha were alternates who replaced Josh Martinez and Kaycee Clark, who allegedly both tested positive for COVID-19  

Around 2:34 am, Nicole A asked Janelle again about the Nicole F doing something to stop Derrick from being on the season. Janelle was really vague and said that she wasn’t too sure. She just knew Derrick is close to Dan, and Dan is close to her. He called to warn her about Nicole F. Janelle also proposed that maybe Nicole did something to get Derrick off to ensure that Cody played instead and they could align inside the house. 

We don’t know if there is any truth to what Janelle said, but Nicole F does address the supposed claims in her podcast with fiance Victor Arroyo. Around 6:45ish, Victor asks her about those rumors on the most recent episode. She said she got asked to join Big Brother: All-Stars in March, so the rumor was completely false. She also said she thinks she knows who started the rumor, and it was someone who she thought would also be in the house. She also said she thought the rumor was “dumb” and she would never call production.

So make of all this what you will.

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