Big Brother 13 Houseguest Profile: Keith Henderson

Next up we bring you the man who thinks he has it all in the bag because no one can resist his charm (especially the ladies).

Keith Henderson, 32, seems like he could potentially be the most ‘normal’ person in the Big Brother 13 house. If, by normal, you mean conceited, full of himself, totally assured he is smarter than everyone else, absolutely convinced of his own gorgeousness and way, way too cocky.

Keith is a Human Resources Manager at PLS from Bolingbrook, IL and describes himself as “charming, adorable and kiss-ass.” We find it kind of adorable that he called himself ‘kiss-ass’ rather than ‘kick-ass’. At least he’s honest about being a suck-up.

Despite being a ‘kiss-ass’, Keith apparently doesn’t think the other Big Brother 13 houseguests are going to be much of a challenge to live with because he deals “with human capital (people) on a regular basis.” Keith also seems to think quite highly of himself and his ability to “have the women swooning over me and the guys wanting to be on my team.” However, he does say he will “get people to trust and love me and then I will stab them if I need to.”

How would you like to have this guy in your human resources department?

Although he may stab people if he doesn’t get his way, Keith says he keeps his Bible handy to keep him grounded. He’s actually or so he says, an ordained and very religious minister. Okay… a very religious minister who likes to trick people into being betrayed and stabbed in the back. Nice!

Like many other Big Brother cast members past and present, Keith would love Big Brother to “open doors for me to do more acting.” Is there really anyone who has been on Big Brother ever who DIDN’T want to really be an actor? Or a beauty queen? Or both? (And yes, I mean the guys too.)

Keith has apparently not travelled far from home, unlike some of the other Big Brother 13 cast. Keith still lives and works in his hometown. Keith is also not afraid to dress up in strange costumes in front of all those people in his hometown to support his workplace either, as seen in this cute 2009 newsletter photo from

Keith says in the newsletter that dressing up to promote his employer was “a great experience and lots of fun” until someone told him he looked like Gumby.

Big Brother 13 is not Keith’s first taste of reality television. Keith was also a contestant in the web TV reality show Genuine Ken: The Search For The Great American Boyfriend. He actually says in his official CBS Big Brother profile that Geniune Ken is one of the accomplishments he is most proud of. Really? You can watch his profile video for the show below:

When he isn’t embarrassing himself in public for his job or on the Internet on a silly dating reality show, Gemini Keith Henderson is also something of a poet, although we were not able to track down any of his poetry that we could verify was really his. If some of the things we DID find do belong to him, we’re not all that surprised he keeps that stuff under wraps…

One of the fun facts about Keith is that apparently he is very fond of “white girls” with blond hair. Which could very well hint at a possible showmance with fellow Big Brother 13 cast member Porche perhaps? Although we could frankly see him going after any of the girls just for the sake of the game, since he has said he wants to start an alliance with the girls right off the bat and call them “Keith’s Angels.”

Sadly for Keith, he drove everyone batty — including his own partner, Porsche — and ended up being the first houseguest eliminated from the Big brother 13 house.

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