Big Brother 13 Houseguest Profile: Lawon Exum

Next up we delve into the life of a guy who may drive you absolutely nuts, but he’s going to be sparkling fresh and “handsomed” up when he does it!

Lawon Exum, a 39-year-old Legal File Clerk from California likes to call himself “handsomexy,” which means, he says, “handsome and sexy, because I am inside and out.” Oh, and he’s also very clever, just so you know. Lawon is originally from Urbana, IL and says if he won Big Brother, he would “give back to my hometown” and “show the entertainment world there are still normal human beings in Hollywood.” Yeah, good luck with that.

For his favorite activity, Lawom enjoys exercising because it keeps that clever mind of his sharp and keeps him looking “handsomefied.” Oh yeah, we’re sure he has a full dozen weird combinations built on the word “handsome” in his vocabulary somewhere. Also, he apparently thinks some of his Big Brother 13 cast matesmight not be so “handsomexy” because he is worried about the other houseguests’ “hygiene habits.”

Talking about that hygiene thing, Lawom may just have some OCD going on, because he also says in his CBS Big Brother profile that he is terrified of roaches “because they represent filth.” Oh he’s just going to have a blast living all shoved in the Big Brother house with all those messy people…

Although he lists his occupation as a Legal File Clerk in his official CBS bio, Lawum’s LinkedIn.comprofile lists his current employment as the Owner of “Exum Out! Entertainment. Before that, his last listed job was in Promotions at Arista Records. His profile on lists him as an Entertainment Correspondent. So that whole Legal File Clerk thing? Yeah, well, Big Brother seems to love to put ‘normal’ job labels on anyone they can to make them seem more like regular Joes for the mass public. Despite his day job label though, it looks like Lawon is just yet another fame and fortune seeker who is really a wannabe actor/model/singer/whatever in disguise.

Lawon lists the Connecticut School of Broadcasting and the University of Maryland at College Park among his educational institutions. His proudest accomplishment, however, is not his education. Instead, he’s most proud of losing over 50 pounds and keeping it off for 15 years. Well, yeah, I think we’d be pretty proud of that too!

Now we hope that Lawon really wasn’t silly enough to list his actual home address and phone number with his business name all over the Net. However, it does look like he might have done just that. Several websites listing Exum Out! Entertainment give the business address as 503 S Flower Street, Apartment 7 and the phone as 310-966-0611. We did give the number a ring, but it went straight to voicemail and a standard automated answer message.

On his MySpace pagefor Exum Out! Entertainment, Lawon has sadly only put up one blog post and that was way back in 2008. In it he says: “You are about to enter the world of ENTERTAINMENT like you have never seen before. I am warning you!!” He also has some rather amusing photos of himself dancing some sort of jig. Speaking of MySpace, someone named Lashanda “Slim Goodie”apparently has a crush on Lawon…

Lawom has cut off his personal Facebook profile from the public, but he does now have a screaming Big Brother 13 fan page. As repeated people on the page who seem to know him keep calling him DIVO, we’re guessing that might be his favorite nickname. Several other people called him Juan though, which is a bit confusing… And um, let’s see, he’s also referred to as HOLLYWOOD, Wingman, SUPERSTAR and BOO. So, well, he seems to have a lot of nicknames… and a lot of cousins, since like a dozen people call him Cuz too.

We always love when Big Brother houseguests have videos of themselves splattered all over the web. Lawon actually has a whole YouTube channel full of them. Most of them seem to be some sort of self-affirmation videos titled “CarSations”. Also, pardon for saying so, but he really does come across in these videos as kind of, um, gay. This is not meant to be an insult, just kind of my gaydar going “bing bing bing BING” and that he reminds me strongly of a dear bear friend of mine with an almost perfectly matching voice… Of course, he just could be a really flamboyent straight guy. It does happen. Here is just one little sample of Lawon’s rather amusing videos.

We aren’t sure if this is Lawon’s real Twitter account, but if it is, he apparently hasn’t had a lot to say. He may actually be over hereor both accounts may be his. On the second one, he allegedly posted “Hello Big Brother World! Now is my time to shine!” on July 2nd.

Lawon is apparently totally open to a showmance if it somehow gets him to the Big Brother 13 grand prize. I’m not really seeing that happening for him in this Big Brotherhouse. He also reportedly plans on lying to the other houseguests and saying he just graduated college. I am not really sure how that is a winning strategy tactic, but whatever.

After watching his YouTube videos, we think Lawon may actually drive most of the people in the house totally insane. Seriously. Just watch like three of them and think about living with that constant stream of verbage, OCD and self-help personal statements 24 hours a day.

And then run away, very fast…

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